People Gave Brendan Fraser Tons Of Praise On Twitter For Being A Wonderful Person, And The Whole Thing Was Super Wholesome

    Brendan Fraser in The Mummy will forever be a masterpiece.

    Hey, remember Brendan Fraser? You probably know his face from popular movies like The Mummy, George of the Jungle, Encino Man, Blast from the Past, and much more.

    Actor Brendan Fraser visits the SiriusXM Studios in 2019 in New York City

    For many of us, Brendan's iconic roles defined our childhood.

    Brendan Fraser in "George of the Jungle"

    Yesterday, Brendan was trending all over Twitter as fans were giving out tons of well-deserved praise and appreciation for the actor and his memorable roles — and yes, the tweets were pretty wholesome. Here are some of the best ones:


    Top 5 Reasons Brendan Fraser Is Awesome 1. Underrated actor for decades 2. Is doing well in Doom Patrol 3. The Mummy Trilogy is one of his best work 4. Amazing comeback 5. Fans still love him

    Twitter: @Megatronnexus


    Me logging on and seeing Brendan Fraser is trending (as he damn well should be):

    Twitter: @chelsea_burnham


    Like, I'm imagining Brendan Fraser's publicist calling him like "You're trending on Twitter" and him going "Oh god, what did I do" and she says "'re trending because everyone loves you" and I hope that gives him a warm fuzzy feeling.

    Twitter: @madlori


    Brendan Fraser in THE MUMMY 🙌 That’s it. That’s the tweet

    Twitter: @KillerCritics


    Every time I watch The Mummy I think the same thing: Brendan Fraser was really just the whole package. Not only shockingly handsome, tall, well built and somehow not bland at the same time, but also full of charisma, natural and able to both seem vulnerable and throw a punch.

    Twitter: @Charlotte_Stein


    Brendan Fraser? seems like a heck of guy; i hope he's having a nice day

    Twitter: @ZyBurton83


    Appreciation post to Brendan Fraser. The original himbo actor and an all around humble, sweet man who deserves the world

    Twitter: @TheFirstOkiro


    Ok I'm jumping on the #BrendanFraser trend and throwing in School Ties because I don't see much of that amazing movie represented here.

    Twitter: @mjhegar


    I saw Brendan Fraser is trending and I fully support all the love he’s getting. The guy is criminally under appreciated. He’s super talented and his performance in the mummy has been influential to action stars since it dropped.

    Twitter: @KyleGallner


    as Brendan Fraser trends, I’d like to remind everyone he’s brilliant on Doom Patrol

    Twitter: @MimiGraceBooks


    Blessing your Twitter feed with Brendan Fraser and Grover 👍

    Twitter: @HistoryMuppet


    @toonfully Thats not his most famous role. This is.

    Twitter: @Capn_MungDaal


    Brendan Fraser isn't dead and everyone loves him?

    Twitter: @HeelPwain


    I see we’re talking about Brendan Fraser again. Just a reminder that Mrs. Winterbourne is one of the best rom coms ever and he’s due his romantic lead resurgence. The man has the smolder.

    Twitter: @RdotSpoon


    Brendan Fraser is trending so I just want to say - I bloody love Brendan Fraser. He's phenomenal in Scrubs and I think people fail to appreciate quite how brilliant he is in California Man and George of the Jungle. A fantastic actor who is also a brilliant physical comedian.

    Twitter: @kazbaa


    Do NOT sleep on Journey to the Center of the Earth! 🔥🔥 #BrendanFraser

    Twitter: @JSComicArt


    All this range in one movie?! We respect Brendan Fraser in this house!

    Twitter: @Dim_plz


    Pardon me while I like dozens of Brendan Fraser tweets at 3am for no other reason than how he was a foundational reason for me to do anything adventurous when I was growing up, and I hope he’s feeling happy...

    Twitter: @OneTopicAtATime


    if the MCU had been coming out in the 90’s? Brendan Fraser would’ve made a decent Winter Soldier 😂

    Twitter: @SkeletonCrimes


    one more thing before I go! Brendan Fraser plays a stunt double for Brendan Fraser in this movie. he then punches Brendan Fraser in the face at the end. cinematic masterpiece.

    Twitter: @toonfully


    I love that Brendan Fraser is trending heavily on Twitter for no other reason than just being awesome.

    Twitter: @steveagee

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