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    The Cast Of "The Mummy" Then Vs Now

    An iconic movie with an even more iconic cast.

    Brendan Fraser (Richard "Rick" O' Connell)

    Universal Pictutres, Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

    What he's up to: After the success of The Mummy, Fraser went on to reprise the role of Rick O'Connell in both of its sequels. He also appeared in Bedazzled, Looney Tunes: Back in Action, and Journey to the Centre of the Earth, and branched out to TV series like Texas Rising and Trust.

    Bonus fact: The stunts Fraser performed for his action roles eventually required him to undergo several surgeries, including a partial knee replacement and laminectomy.

    Rachel Weisz (Evelyn "Evie" Carnahan)

    Universal Pictures, Dave Kotinsky

    What she's up to: Weisz returned to the character of Evelyn Carnahan in The Mummy Returns, and followed that up with a long and stellar list of leading roles. Films like The Constant Gardener, The Whistleblower, and The Deep Blue Sea earned Weisz critical acclaim, but she's also appeared in big hits like Constantine, The Lovely Bones, The Bourne Legacy, and Oz the Great and Powerful.

    Bonus fact: Weisz and her husband, Daniel Craig, announced that they were expecting their first child together earlier this year.

    Arnold Vosloo (Imhotep/The Mummy)

    Universal Pictures, All in production

    What he's up to: Like his co-stars, Vosloo followed up his performance of Imhotep by appearing in The Mummy Returns. He then went on to have roles in Agent Cody Banks, Blood Diamond, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Alongside his film career, Vosloo also appeared in several TV series, including Veritas: The Quest, Cape Town, 24, and Bosch.

    Bonus fact: The main hero of the video game, Boiling Point: Road to Hell was modelled using Vosloo's likeness.

    John Hannah (Jonathan Carnahan)

    Universal Pictures, Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

    What he's been up to: After filming The Mummy trilogy, Hannah found continued success in a number of television series. Some of these include Rebus, New Street Law, Cold Blood, Spartacus, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency.

    Bonus fact: Hannah is one of the few cast members who keeps an active social presence. You can follow his Twitter, where he regularly posts pictures of his bike riding adventures.

    Kevin J. O'Connor (Beni Gabor)

    Universal Pictures, NBC

    What he's been up to: Post-The Mummy, O'Connor has kept busy by appearing in Van Helsing, There Will Be Blood, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Besides his film appearances, O'Connor has most notably starred in television series such as The Others, Chicago P.D., and 11.22.63.

    Bonus fact: O'Connor has collaborated with writer/directer Stephen Sommers on four separate movies. These include Deep Rising, The Mummy, Van Helsing, and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra.

    Jonathan Hyde (Dr Allen Chamberlain)

    Universal Pictures, Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    What he's been up to: Following his role in The Mummy, Hyde found success in Eisenstein, Crimson Peak, and Anaconda. On the TV side of things, he's appeared in The Strain, and Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia.

    Bonus fact: Hyde is a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company and starred alongside Ian McKellen for his performances in The Seagull and King Lear in 2007.

    Oded Fehr (Ardeth Bay)

    Universal Pictures, @odedfehr / Via Twitter: @odedfehr

    What he's up to: Fehr has continued to have a successful career in both film and television. He reprised his role in The Mummy Returns, and had notable roles in the Resident Evil series and Deuce Bigalow films. You may also recognise him from Sleeper Cell, Charmed, V, Covert Affairs, NCIS, and 24: Legacy.

    Bonus fact: Fehr is a prominent voice-actor and has appeared in animated series like Young Justice, Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and, most recently, in the video game Destiny 2.

    Erick Avari (Dr Terrence Bey)

    Universal Pictures, @ErickAvari / Via Facebook: erickavariofficial

    What he's been up to: Fresh off the success of The Mummy, Avari went on to star in big hits like Planet of the Apes, Home Alone 4, Mr Deeds, and Daredevil. He's also had major roles in Dragnet, Days of Our Lives, and The Brink, as well as a slew of guest appearances on a number of popular shows.

    Bonus fact: Alongside Alexis Cruz, Avari is one of only two actors to appear in both the original Stargate movie, as well as its spin-off series Stargate SG-1.

    Patricia Velásquez (Anck-Su-Namun)

    Universal Pictures, Noam Galai/ Stringer

    What she's been up to: After playing Anck-Su-Namun in The Mummy Returns, Velásquez most notably went on to star in The L Word, Arrested Development, CSI: Miami, and Ugly Betty.

    Bonus fact: Velásquez founded the Wayúu Tayá Foundation in 2002 to assist the Wayúu, an Venezuelan indigenous group.

    Omid Djalili (Warden Gad Hassan)

    Universal Pictures, Leon Neal / AFP / Getty Images

    What he's been up to: Djalili has had a stellar career since playing Warden Gad Hassan in The Mummy. Notable projects include Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Sex and the City 2, and Casanova.

    Bonus fact: Besides acting, Djalili is also an award-winning stand-up comedian who has performed in several countries, including Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Belgium, Canada, and the US.

    Corey Johnson (David Daniels)

    Universal Pictures

    What he's up to: Following on from The Mummy, Johnson has become best known for his roles in Hellboy, Captain Phillips, The Bourne series, and Ex Machina.

    Bonus fact: Johnson made his Broadway debut in 2007 where he played Nixon's Chief of Staff, Jack Brennan, in Frost/Nixon.

    Tuc Watkins (Bernard Burns)

    Universal Pictures, Rich Polk / Getty Images

    What he's been up to: Watkins next big role after The Mummy was playing Malcolm Laffley in Beggars and Choosers. He followed this up with notable appearances on Desperate Housewives and One Life To Live.

    Bonus fact: Watkins is currently set to star in the Broadway production of The Boys in the Band alongside Jim Parsons, Zachary Quinto, Andrew Rannells, and Matt Bomer.

    Note: Stephen Dunham, who played Isaac Henderson, died in 2012..