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    17 More Quarantine Baking Fails That Are Equal Parts Unsightly And Hilarious

    Banana bread, is that you?

    Ever since the coronavirus outbreak started, baking has been the hot new ~quarantrend~. Like, if you haven’t tried baking at least once, are you even quarantining?

    But, of course, baking at home comes with lots of trial and error. So, here are 17 more hilarious baking fails people have had over the last few weeks.

    1. These Easter bunnies who look like they should blink twice if they need help.

    @LibyaLiberty As failed as my bunnies?

    2. This braided stuffed bread that looks like, well, you know.

    @LibyaLiberty This was supposed to be a nice, neat, braided circle of chocolate, caramel, and banana filled chocolate yeast bread, but the strands all burst and it ended up looking like a pan of Sasquatch feces. Tasted ok, though 😀

    3. This normal bread that had some slightly abnormal growths.

    @LibyaLiberty Hello. You may win most-failed banana bread, but I am champion of most-failed normal bread. I give you this:

    4. This quarantine birthday cake that came with an actual apology.

    @LibyaLiberty The cake my gf made for my quarantine birthday.

    5. This microwaved mess that proves mug baking is no piece of cake.

    6. This sourdough bread that's just steppin' out for a quick stretch.

    7. These reverse cupcakes that left me with a lot of questions.

    @LibyaLiberty looks better than some cupcakes I once tried

    8. These cinnamon buns that look like they might be trying to escape.

    9. This banana bread that's business in the front and party in the back.

    10. This well-intentioned cake that, believe it or not, was supposed to be a panda bear.

    @LibyaLiberty Here’s #MyShame — luckily my niece is one and couldn’t tell the difference. Recurring nightmares are not confirmed, but expected.

    11. These muffins that were probably made with Chemical X.

    @LibyaLiberty I see your failed banana bread and will raise you...failed banana quarantine muffins! Yes, they are black as tar. No, they aren't burnt. An unfortunate ingredient sub created a unique chemical reaction which added to the aesthetic appeal. 👩‍🍳

    12. And this cake that not even a scientist could save.

    This is why I’m a scientist. In case you were wondering this cake doesn’t taste good either. Think I’ll keep supporting local bakers and find a new quarantine hobby to try. #bakingfail

    13. This loaded creation that, on the bright side, was probably made with lots of love.

    @LibyaLiberty My daughter made a cake last night. Mmmm

    14. These macarons that came out maca-wrong.

    15. These scones that didn't even try to look like scones.

    The other day I tried baking scones 🤣 what a fail 🤦🏾‍♀️ they didn’t even bother rising

    16. These cookies that turned out to look less like rainbows and more like rain-blobs.

    17. And finally, this cake that's pretty much a molten masterpiece.

    H/T: @LibyaLiberty

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