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17 Quarantine Baking Fails That Made Me Laugh But Also Feel Disappointed

I didn't know there were so many ways to mess up cookies.

1. These inedible rocks.

Perhaps baking isn’t for me..... #CoronaLockdown

2. This X-rated cookies.

#StayAtHome & be productive. I’m not much of a baker. I can cook alright, but baking...not so much. So, today I tried my hand at some lighthouse cookies, since I’m from Florida. How do you think they turned out?

3. This thoroughly burnt loaf.

Lockdown baking? Nailed it. #bananabread

4. This sadly sunken dessert.

I made banana bread. I followed the recipe exactly ish, but it failed ..

5. These cookies that ignored the government mandate.

6. These "rolls" that could roll right off the counter.

My friend Zam, editor of the first 3 River Cottage series, has been doing a bit of “overnight baking”. Consequently his bread rolls detected some risk to their well-being and made the decision to start social distancing...

7. These singed scones.

So like many people at home I tried my hand at baking today. They’re meant to be scones btw ! 🤷🏻‍♂️

8. These... what are these, even?

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while; I’ve been baking

9. These misshapen muffins.

When making muffins, one must remember to put the liners in a muffin tin! 🤣 Guys, my Mom sucks, I mean she really sucks at baking!!!! I love with this woman, send help!

10. This doughy monstrosity.

Baking didnt workout today. We shall try again tomorrow. #NeverGiveUp 😎

11. This crumbling failure.

Tried out my 30 year old bread making machine today. Didn’t go well

12. This pink mess.

My wife has started baking. And now we know why she doesn’t normally bake cakes.

13. This vague semblance of bread.

Been waiting for this in the oven not knowing I was baking the rubbish. Who knows how to bake bread pleaseeeeeeeee.

14. These... cookies, I guess???

15. And these cookies that met the same fate.

16. This very educational experience.

Quarantine baking Take One. Half of the cookies are burnt, half are raw, and the fire alarm is going off. Lessons for the future. 1) My fire alarm works well 2) My neighbours are alert 3) My baking skills can only improve from here. Good thing I didn’t start with bread.

17. And finally, this indefensible combination.

Tried putting cilantro in my cookie today while baking

Have you tried (and failed) at baking while quarantined at home? Submit your photos below!

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