21 Iconic Hair Highlights That Every 2000s Girl Wanted

    Two words: Kelly Clarkson.

    From bold stripes to colorful streaks, chunky highlights were one of the most popular 2000s hair trends. Celebs went ALL out on this color trend, so here are 21 looks that we’ll never forget.

    1. Kelly Clarkson's iconic blonde highlights

    Kelly has bright blonde highlights that are an obvious contrast to her darker brunette hair

    2. Beyoncé's more subtle but still chunky highlights

    Beyoncé has several chunky light blond highlights that contrast her darker brunette hair

    3. Lindsay Lohan's memorable streaks in Freaky Friday

    Lindsay has bleached blonde streaks only at the front of her hair to give herself an edgy look

    4. Atomic Kitten's highlights

    All three women have bright bleached chunky highlights that don't naturally blend in with the rest of their hair

    5. Especially Liz McClarnon's

    Liz has the brightest and most contrasting highlights of them all

    6. Victoria Beckham's two-toned 'do

    7. Jessica Simpson's funky bob

    Jessica Simpson has short hairstyle of blonde highlights mixed in with orange pieces

    8. JoJo's memorable streaks

    JoJo has bright highlights against her more natural hair color

    9. Nadine Coyle's bleached tresses

    Nadine has chunky bleached streaks throughout her hair

    10. Rihanna's black and blond moment

    Rihanna has a short hairstyle with bright highlights

    11. And her subtle color moment

    Here, Rihanna has a bright color just peeking out from her bangs

    12. Avril Lavigne's hot pink side chunk

    Avril has chunky bright streaks on one side of her hair

    13. All of Victoria Justice's — aka Lola's — colorful highlights in Zoey 101

    Lola has bright chunky streaks in her hair that match her funky sense of style

    14. And Kelly Rowland's red streaks

    Kelly has an iconic bob that shows off bright red streaks that contrast her dark hair

    15. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's signature blonde highlights

    Mary-Kate and Ashley pose in their matching hairstyles that give a beach vibe

    16. Fergie's platinum stripes

    Fergie has wavy hair and light highlights

    17. Ashley Tisdale's brunette and blonde combo

    Ashley has highlights in all different shades

    18. Miley Cyrus' caramel look

    Miley's signature look in 2006: long brunette hair and contrasting lighter highlights

    And we CAN'T forget the lowlights:

    19. Like Avril Lavigne's black streaks

    Avril has dark hair dyed underneath the rest of her hair that matches her signature rocker style

    20. Nicole Richie's multicolored strands

    21. And, of course, Christina Aguilera's iconic color