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Feb 2018
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    lizb4e498c385 commented on If You're A Millennial Who Lived Through The Great Recession, Tell Us How You're Doing Now

    So I graduated high school in 2008. I also happened to live just outside of the now closed GM plant in Moraine, Ohio. In the decade since the crash, I would say some of the most striking things are closely related to how much decay has hit the rust belt in the mid-west. I myself dropped… 


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    lizb4e498c385 commented on Have You Ever Understood People Gossip About You In A Language You Weren't Expected To Know?

    Ayyyeee I speak fluent Japanese. My favorite part is that most people either aren’t fluent unless they’re a native speaker, or only know like, maybe two words. So if someone drops some bs like “domo arigatou mr. roboto” or starts talking about anime and hentai (happens a lot. So gross)… 


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    lizb4e498c385 commented on What Life Advice Do You Absolutely Disagree With?

    "If you don't love yourself, how can you be loved by someone else". FALSE. Like everyone deserves love and can be loved! Regardless if you can't feel it yourself all the time.


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    lizb4e498c385 commented on Tell Us About The Best Comfort Foods You Grew Up Eating

    Southerner here! Chicken n’ dumplins are truly my strongest comfort food. Every sick day, every break up, every chilly evening, my Momma’s chicken n’ dumplins bring me back to life. And miss me with those flat dumplins. I get big, pillowy dumplins, with a thick stock and oven roasted… 


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