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Have You Ever Understood People Gossip About You In A Language You Weren't Expected To Know?

*Judges in German*

Being bilingual definitely has its perks.

Like gossiping about someone without them catching on.

The best thing about growing up bilingual is gossiping about another person with your mom without them realizing

Or better yet, catching someone gossip about you in a language you weren't expected to understand.

Maybe you were serving customers who assumed you didn't know French so ended up talking shit about you.

French customers are TOO quick to talk shit as if I’m not bilingual. Like Bonne journée Guillaume put some damn respek on my name

Or perhaps you were in another country, where a waiter told their coworker how much they wanted to spit in your food.

Tell us about the time you caught someone talking shit about you in a language they thought you didn't understand. Spill it in the Dropbox below. The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post or video!