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    23 Canadian Brands To Check Out If You Want To Start Shopping Local

    Tis the season to support local businesses!

    Now, more than ever, it's important to support local Canadian businesses, especially with the lockdowns taking place across the country.

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    So, here are a couple of our favourite Canadian brands to support right now (and, honestly, all year long). Plus, most of these brands offer online shopping to keep things extra safe.

    1. Bathorium

    Bathorium products on a bath caddy
    Liza Hicks / BuzzFeed

    Bathe beautifully with Bathorium, an Ottawa based company that creates luxurious bath products free of any harsh chemicals, phthalates and parabens. Their bath bombs will leave you feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and restored. My personal favourite is the Ancient Oat Hydration Bath Crush Soak!

    2. Bee Kind

    Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

    Bee Kind is a Vancouver-based company that specializes in beeswax wraps. I have tried my fair share, and boy, oh, boy, do I love these ones the best. Not only are they made in Canada, but they're a lot thicker and more mouldable than the other versions I've tried. The design is also painted by the founders mom, which, if we're being honest, is the cutest thing I've heard in my life.

    3. 100 Years Of Love

    A Platinum Blond candle burning
    @100yrsoflove / Via

    100 Years of Love are high-quality, hand-poured, conscious candles that are made in Toronto's Distillery District. I get a headache from fake smelling candles, so I love the fact that these candles are made with the best ingredients because they don't give me headaches! I highly recommend Bedtime Story and For the Love of Gold.

    4. Purple Hill Lavender

    A bottle of Purple Hill room spray next to sprigs of lavender
    @purplehill_lavender / Via

    Indulge in some lavender-infused products for the home & body. Purple Hill Lavender Farm is a small, family-run lavender farm located in the beautiful rolling hills of Creemore, Ontario. Their popular Essential Oil Room Spray is made with all-natural ingredients and only pure essential oils.

    5. Knix

    Three packs of panties surrounded by plants
    Alice Prendergast / Via BuzzFeed

    Knix is a Toronto-based brand specializing in bras, undies, and everything comforable. Before I got my hands on these, I thought that period underwear were gonna feel like adult diapers, which is not my vibe. I am happy to report that they are nothing like that. Oh, and they have some seriously dreamy loungewear sets, too!

    6. Good Goddess

    Several Good Goddess products laid out and surrounded by fir sprigs
    @goodgoddessdaily / Via

    Release your inner goddess with Good Goddess products, like the Fantastic Fat MCT Oil or the Sedatonic Calming Ashwagandha Tincture. Good Goddess was started in Toronto and aims to take the confusion out of getting healthy. I'm currently obsessed with FAT LIP, an all natural plant-based lip plumper.

    7. Bend Beauty

    Two drinks next to a bottle of Bend Beauty supplements
    @bendbeauty / Via

    Optimize your skin health from the inside out with Bend Beauty, a Nova Scotia-based brand that offers premium skin health supplements and a marine collagen that improves hair and nail health. All I want for Christmas is magic and healthy skin with the help of Marine Collagen + Co-Factors.

    8. Ste. Anne's Spa

    Several beauty products on a pile of tree sprigs
    @seannespa / Via

    Ste. Anne's Spa is Canada's largest destination spa located in Grafton, Ontario. The property grounds and spa facilities are luxurious. Plus, they have their own natural line of beauty care. I love the Mint Mist Floral Water because it feels like you're bringing the spa home.

    9. Felony Case

    A person with acrylic nails holding a Felony case
    @felonycase / Via

    Dress up your phone for any occasion with Felony Case. There are tons of different colours and styles to choose from — plus, they're all designed in Toronto. My phone currently has the neon pink case, so I never misplace it.

    10. Envello

    Several towels stacked next to a rattan pouf
    @envello_linens / Via

    Wake up feeling amazing in Envello sheets and linens. Canadian designed and crafted with care in Portugal, this linen company is all about good mornings! After all, the best feeling in the world is cuddling up in high quality sheets fresh out of the dryer. I have these fluffy towels and I can't wait to purchase more.

    11. Community Masks

    Two pouches that say dirty and clean
    @communitymasks / Via

    Stay safe and give back to the community with masks from Community Masks. For every face mask sale $1.00 is donated to Food Banks Canada. The clean pouch and dirty pouch are perfect for keeping your masks organized (or just not losing your masks!)

    12. Takasa

    Dark sheets on a bed / Via

    This Vancouver-based company specialized in sustainably made sheets that look just as good as they feel. From breezy sheets to flannel duvet covers, they really do it all. I have a set and can confirm they're a dream to sleep on.

    13. Midnight Paloma

    A variety of Midnight Paloma products displayed
    Midnight Paloma / Via

    Do your body good with some skincare goodies from Midnight Paloma. It uses clean ingredients, but the products won't run you broke (which is something I really love). I'm a big fan of the cleansing balm and would recommend it to anyone who wears waterproof makeup (it melts it off like a dream).

    14. Peace Collective

    A collection of Peace Collective clothing.
    @peacecollective / Via

    Peace Collective's line of simple, oh-so-comfy loungewear will make you want to ditch denim for good. They regularly launch cool capsule collections, like their PlayStation capsule, so you'll always find something that matches your vibe. A portion of every sale is donated a charitable cause (like CAMH, the UN Refugee Agency, and Food Banks of Canada), so you can feel good knowing you're giving back to the community.

    15. Blume

    A jade roller and gua sha stone
    @blume / Via

    Blume is a female-founded Vancouver brand that caters to people who love skincare as much as they love self-care. Their offerings include everything from cleansers to jade rollers, and their packaging is really! freaking! adorable!

    16. Attitude Skincare

    A person holding a hand cream and a hand sanitizer
    Liza Hicks / BuzzFeed

    Live a healthier life with Attitude. Founded in Montreal, all of their products are made with natural, plant- and mineral-based ingredients that have won't hurt our families or the planet. I bring my Lemon Leaves Hand Sanitizer with me everywhere.

    17. Rebel + Beauty

    A tube of lipstick in a matte shade
    @rebelandbeauty / Via

    Get rebellious with your beauty routine. Rebel + Beauty is passionate about women’s empowerment and giving back to the community. They're famous for their brow products like Rebel+Beauty Brow Fixx.

    18. Uncuffed

    Several scrunchies in a pile
    @uncuffedleather / Via

    Add some glamourous accessories to your life with Uncuffed Leather, statement leather accessories inspired by and created for bold, unapologetic women. Stars like Lady Gaga and Priyanka rock Uncuffed. I'd like one of each leather scrunchie please!

    19. Saje Natural Wellness

    A diffuser next to several bottles of essential oils and rollerballs
    @sajewellness / Via

    Saje's collection of natural essential oils, rollerballs, diffusers, and hand soaps are all about improving your life, one delicious smell at a time. They have remedies for just about everything, including a fantastic headache-relieving rollerball, Peppermint Halo, that'll help eliminate even the toughest migraines.

    20. Design.ME Hair

    A shelf full of various Design.Me products
    @designmehair / Via

    This Montreal-based brand is all about tackling common hair issues (like brassiness and frizz), without any harmful chemicals or animal by-products. Their PUFF.Me volumizing dust took Instagram by storm and the rest of their bright, fun lineup isn't far behind — for good reason! Whether it's a hairspray with adjustable hold or a hemp-derived serum that'll give your locks a glass-like shine, you can't go wrong with any of their fab products.

    21. Anice Jewellery

    A plate necklace on a quartz stone
    @anicejewellery / Via

    Add some sparkle love to your life with Anice Jewellery. They specialize in giving your old treasures a new life. Their jewellery is stunning, affordable, and you can even customize your own piece. I'll take one of everything, please!

    22. AG Hair

    Two AG Hair products next to a knit pumpkin and flowers
    @aghair / Via

    Show your winter hair some love with AG Hair products. They manufacture high quality hair products that are made without salt, paba, and parabens. AG Hair has been manufacturing hair care products in Vancouver since in 1989. They just started making hand sanitizer that smells heavenly and clean!

    23. 437 Swimwear

    A person wearing a two piece bikini and sitting on a beach
    Victoria Kuglin/BuzzFeed

    Created by a pair of besties, 437 is all about designing swimsuits for real bodies. Their suits are buttery-soft, convertible, and ultra flattering, so you can look and feel your best. The fabric is double-layered, so you never have to worry about showing off more than you want to. They've also applied that same figure-flattering attitude to their new line of apparel, so you can rock 437 all year 'round.

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    What Canadian brands are you supporting? Let me know in the comments below.