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    23 Canadian Brands To Check Out If You Want To Start Shopping Local

    Tis the season to support local businesses!

    Now, more than ever, it's important to support local Canadian businesses, especially with the lockdowns taking place across the country.

    So, here are a couple of our favourite Canadian brands to support right now (and, honestly, all year long). Plus, most of these brands offer online shopping to keep things extra safe.

    1. Bathorium

    Bathorium products on a bath caddy

    2. Bee Kind

    3. 100 Years Of Love

    A Platinum Blond candle burning

    4. Purple Hill Lavender

    A bottle of Purple Hill room spray next to sprigs of lavender

    5. Knix

    Three packs of panties surrounded by plants

    6. Good Goddess

    Several Good Goddess products laid out and surrounded by fir sprigs

    7. Bend Beauty

    Two drinks next to a bottle of Bend Beauty supplements

    8. Ste. Anne's Spa

    Several beauty products on a pile of tree sprigs

    9. Felony Case

    A person with acrylic nails holding a Felony case

    10. Envello

    Several towels stacked next to a rattan pouf

    11. Community Masks

    Two pouches that say dirty and clean

    12. Takasa

    Dark sheets on a bed

    13. Midnight Paloma

    A variety of Midnight Paloma products displayed

    14. Peace Collective

    A collection of Peace Collective clothing.

    15. Blume

    A jade roller and gua sha stone

    16. Attitude Skincare

    A person holding a hand cream and a hand sanitizer

    17. Rebel + Beauty

    A tube of lipstick in a matte shade

    18. Uncuffed

    Several scrunchies in a pile

    19. Saje Natural Wellness

    A diffuser next to several bottles of essential oils and rollerballs

    20. Design.ME Hair

    A shelf full of various Design.Me products

    21. Anice Jewellery

    A plate necklace on a quartz stone

    22. AG Hair

    Two AG Hair products next to a knit pumpkin and flowers

    23. 437 Swimwear

    A person wearing a two piece bikini and sitting on a beach

    Want to support more local 🇨🇦Canadian🇨🇦 brands? Check out 18 Black-Owned Canadian Businesses To Support This Holiday Season and 15 Indigenous Canadian Brands You Can Shop Online.

    What Canadian brands are you supporting? Let me know in the comments below.