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    15 Indigenous Canadian Brands You Can Shop Online

    Cultural appreciation, not appropriation.

    Many people are turning towards online shopping this year — but why limit yourselves to big-box stores and cheap gifts? This is an opportunity to support local, Canadian, and authentic Indigenous businesses. Ditch the "Native-inspired", mass-produced products, and check out these must-have gifts from Indigenous brands.

    1. Raven Reads

    2. Red Road Clothing

    3. Sequoia

    4. OldTribes

    5. Dene Nahjo

    6. Cheekbone Beauty

    7. SECTION 35

    8. Indigo Arrows

    9. Mother Earth Essentials

    10. Algonquin Tea Company

    11. Sisters Sage

    12. Kokom Scrunchies

    The scrunchies are inspired by the traditional "kokom scarf", which has become a trend of its own:

    13. Monague Native Crafts

    14. Manitobah Mukluks

    15. Christi Belcourt x Katrin Leblond

    16. Ojibwe Clothing and Cosmetics

    Want to support more local 🇨🇦Canadian🇨🇦 brands? Check out 18 Black-Owned Canadian Businesses To Support This Holiday Season.


    This post has been updated to 15 items. An earlier version of this post included a brand that is not Indigenous-owned.

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