25 "Gilmore Girls" Moments That’ll Still Leave You Emotionally Wrecked

    “Get back in your pajamas; go to bed; eat nothing but gallons of ice cream and tons of pizza.”

    1. When Lane missed her mother, so she snuck into her house in the middle of the night to see her.

    2. The time Lorelai comforted Rory when she was crying on the bathroom floor wondering why Logan didn't like her.

    3. When Rory admitted to Max that she wanted him to be her step-father.

    This scene is so underrated.

    4. When Dean broke up with Rory at the dance marathon.

    Yes, Rory had started to have feelings for Jess already, but breaking up with her in a public place was wrong.

    5. When Christopher confronted Lorelai at her parents' house because she wouldn't answer his calls.

    At the end of the second season, Lorelai and Christopher had just decided to get back together when he found out that Sherry was pregnant. He then chose to marry Sherry instead, leaving Lorelai hurt and upset.

    6. When we found out that Paris considered Rory her best friend.

    There weren't many times when you could feel for Paris, but this was one.

    7. When Lorelai sang “I Will Always Love You” to Rory but re-directed her words to Luke once he walked in.

    8. When Jess thanked Luke.

    Neither Luke nor Jess was very emotionally expressive, which is what made this scene so refreshing and beautiful. Jess was finally able to thank Luke for all he'd done.

    9. When Lorelai issued her ultimatum.

    The fact that Lorelai needed to ask Luke if he loved her was such a heartbreaking moment.

    10. When Luke found Jess after getting in a car accident with Rory.

    11. When Emily saw where Rory and Lorelai used to live.

    Emily's face literally said it all. For the first time she saw just how much she was missed — and just how far Lorelai went for her independence.

    12. When Lorelai and Christopher ended things for good.

    No matter how much (almost) everyone hated them together, seeing how badly Lorelai really wanted to make it work will bring a tear to your eye every time. You can't help who you love.

    13. When Paris broke down on C-SPAN.

    Paris was always seen as a strong character, but in this moment her entire world came crashing down. The one thing she wanted most was out of her reach. When she asked Rory, “What am I gonna do?” it shows the heartbreaking reality of missing out on our dreams.

    14. When Richard and Emily got to see Lorelai graduate from business school.

    They finally got to see one of their dreams come true.

    15. When Rory and Logan said goodbye before he left for London.

    16. When both Lorelai and Rory thought they were failing.

    Rory needed her mom, and Lorelai needed someone to lean on herself.

    17. When Lorelai and Rory reunited.

    The episodes when they weren't speaking felt like they went on forever.

    18. When Lorelai broke down after staying up all night with Paul Anka because he was sick.

    Everyone knows she was referring to Rory during this speech.

    19. When Emily found out that Lorelai was getting married and she hadn't told them.

    This might've been the first time you genuinely felt bad for Emily. She finally realized just how far she had pushed her daughter away, and she didn't want the same thing to happen with their granddaughter.

    20. When Rory comforted Lorelai after her breakup with Luke.

    21. When Lorelai called Luke to ask him to come over even though they were broken up.

    It was so painful to see Lorelai accepting that her relationship with Luke was over.

    22. When Rory was ready to wallow.

    Rory had finally let her guard down and was ready to cry over her broken heart.

    23. When Rory spoke about Lorelai in her valedictorian speech.

    “No crying.”

    24. When Richard gave Lorelai the approval she had always wanted.

    Richard spoke so fondly of Lorelai in this moment that it's hard not to cry.

    25. And, finally, when Emily demanded that she go first.

    In light of Ed Herrmann's passing, this scene has become even more gut-wrenching than when it first aired. We know now, sadly, that Richard was unable to keep his promise to Emily.

    When Gilmore Girls returns, we'll see how this tragedy has affected Emily.

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