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25 "Gilmore Girls" Moments That’ll Still Leave You Emotionally Wrecked

“Get back in your pajamas; go to bed; eat nothing but gallons of ice cream and tons of pizza.”

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13. When Paris broke down on C-SPAN.

Paris was always seen as a strong character, but in this moment her entire world came crashing down. The one thing she wanted most was out of her reach. When she asked Rory, “What am I gonna do?” it shows the heartbreaking reality of missing out on our dreams.


18. When Lorelai broke down after staying up all night with Paul Anka because he was sick.

Everyone knows she was referring to Rory during this speech.


25. And, finally, when Emily demanded that she go first.

In light of Ed Herrmann's passing, this scene has become even more gut-wrenching than when it first aired. We know now, sadly, that Richard was unable to keep his promise to Emily.

When Gilmore Girls returns, we'll see how this tragedy has affected Emily.

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