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    • lisamiyukit

      You obviously have no empathy for her or you would feel happy that a young woman had a moment of pure happiness in a lifetime of suffering a painful and life-threatening disease. Of course it took media attention to reach her goal, she was smart and used the tools she had to reach out to Taylor Swift. She did all this while WAITING FOR TWO NEW LUNGS ON THE TRANSPLANT LIST. I imagine that you wouldn’t have as glowing reviews about your positive outlook if you had to live with CF.
      The daily drudgery of having a chronic and painful disease could become unbearable if you didn’t have something to look forward to; dreaming big (whatever your dream may be) is very important and motivating.
      That she is trying to be pitied is laughable and insulting to her and anyone who has a wish they are trying to fulfill. Would you say such a thing about a child living out their dream through the Make a Wish Foundation?
      Think before you speak.

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