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This Cystic Fibrosis Patient's Dream Of Meeting Taylor Swift Finally Came True

Thanks to friends, family, and the power of social media, one girl's dream of meeting her idol came true this past weekend #Lungs4Tiff

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Tiffany Rich, a 26-year-old Cystic Fibrosis patient from Brentwood, California, posted this picture to Instagram on July 31:

"My one wish is to meet my inspiration, Taylor Swift, who has helped me smile through the darkest days of my life threatening disease."

Even before her Instagram post, Rich's admiration for and desire to meet Swift was no secret.

If I could have 1 thing on my bucket list before my dbl lung transplant, it would be to hang out w @taylorswift13 she gets me #TaylorSwift

Welcome to the quarter of a century club @taylorswift13 happy birthday!! You're such a role model to me!! Hope to meet u one day! 💜 #1989er

I'll say it again @taylorswift13 can do NO wrong! New #STYLEmusicvideo is perfect!! I NEED to meet her this year!! #doublelungtransplant #cf

She even sent out sweet well-wishes for Taylor's mother.

Love and prayers to you and your family @taylorswift13 💜 #curecancer #curecf #SwiftiesLoveMamaSwift #1989

After the Instagram picture was posted, it didn't take long before Tiffany's hashtag, #Lungs4Tiff, began trending. She caught the attention of E! news anchor, Maria Menounos.

@TheBigKWWE @ArianaGrande @MTV @WWE @taylorswift13 @tiffrich22 taylor is an amazing young lady..if she sees she'll make it happen

Rich even made an appearance on NBC Bay Area News!

She expressed her gratitude once again via social media...

WOW can you BELIEVE I was on @nbcbayarea NEWS?? Keep up the #retweet to @taylorswift13 & use #lungs4tiff THANK YOU

...and encouraged everyone to share.

Keep sharing and tagging taylorswift taylornation On Instagram, Twitter, tumblr, and FB!! And don't…

Let's just say it worked!

Thank you everyone for your constant love and support!!! Because of all your help and the help of social media, I AM MEETING TAYLOR SWIFT! 💜

On August 15, at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California, Rich got to meet Taylor Swift!


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