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    Usain Bolt Challenged BuzzFeed Employees To Try And Beat His Fastest Time

    Moral of the story? It's hard AF.

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    Seeing as how Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world, we had the Olympic gold medalist surprise BuzzFeed employees at our LA office and challenge them to beat his best time.

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    Just how fast is that, you ask? Oh, ya know — just a 100 meter sprint in 9.58 seconds or less.


    The Puma ambassador's best time dates back to his 2009 race in Berlin.

    Before the race, Usain gave the group of very stunned staffers a few pro tips:


    1. Arm action is key. You gotta work those arms.

    2. You gotta stay focused on the golden end.

    3. Try and beat [his] record, which wont happen.

    First up was Liz, who was feeling a bit of pressure but was up for the task:


    Unfortunately for her, 23 seconds just wasn't quick enough to beat Usain's fastest time.

    Next was Drew, who ran the sprint in a work blazer and dress shoes:


    But 30.2 seconds was nowhere near Usain's 9.58 time.

    Julian gave it a shot in a nice pair of jeans:


    Though his 19.4 time was nearly 10 seconds too slow.

    Michael, who used to run track, was confident as hell:


    And rightfully so. While he didn't beat Usain, his time was impressive —14.7 seconds!

    Zach was up next, striving for a time under 13 seconds:


    And although he didn't reach his goal, he was still pumped about his 18.9 second time.


    While no BuzzFeed employee was able to beat the fastest runner in the world...


    ...Usain was polite as hell, making us all feel like little badass superstars.


    The end.