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The Cast Of "Captain America: Civil War" Plays A Game Of Superhero Would You Rather

"I have great thighs, so I would rather wear tights."

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Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Elizabeth Olsen, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Emily VanCamp, and Paul Bettany were all down to have a little fun.

1. Would you rather wear tights or a 12-foot-long cape for the rest of your life?


Paul: To be honest, it looks like I'm wearing both for the rest of my life.

Chris: I'll go with the tights — that cape has gotta be annoying.

Anthony: I have great thighs, so I would rather wear tights.

Elizabeth: Tights, easily! Tights are very comfortable. It's like second skin.

Jeremy: Well, that's you! I'll take the cape.


2. Be tickled by Wolverine's claws or massaged by Thor's hammer?


Elizabeth: I don't know! Are those all euphemisms for what's gonna happen to you?

Jeremy: I know, right?

Chris: I gotta say Wolverine's claws, because the other one doesn't sound right.

Emily: Oh god!

Anthony: I'd rather be tickled by Wolverine's claws. I don't want no other man rubbing me with his hammer.

Don: Tickled with Wolverine's claws, if he hadn't had caffeine that day.

3. Bring Scarlet Witch or Black Widow home to meet your parents?


Anthony: Black Widow! Oh, I don't even know what the question was. But if I get to choose something to do with somebody, it's Black Widow.

Jeremy: I'll take them both, because they're both amazing!

Elizabeth: I think they both would be great.

Don: I think I would bring Black Widow home. She'd probably be easier to explain.

4. Live in Asgard or Stark Tower?


Paul: I like to travel, so I think I'd like to go and check out Asgard.

Jeremy: Stark Tower.

Elizabeth: Stark Tower! The penthouse life.

Emily: Stark Tower?!

Anthony: Harlem! Oh, um — Stark Tower!

5. Go on a blind date with Ant-Man or Spider-Man?


Emily: Well, Ant-Man, because I feel like Spider-Man, in our film at least — that would be creepy.

Chris: Man, that's tough. Ant-Man — at least he can drink.


6. Be stuck on a deserted island with the Vision or Scarlet Witch?


Don: I would rather be stuck on a deserted island with the Vision because I love purple.

Anthony: Scarlet Witch. At least she can do that stuff and, like, catch fish. Zing!

Chris: I'm gonna say the Vision, just because he might be able to fly me out of there.

7. Get stuck in an elevator with the Hulk or Loki?


Anthony: The Hulk! Because the Hulk can bust out of an elevator.

Elizabeth: Loki, because I would get really claustrophobic with the Hulk.

Jeremy: And I don't think he would fit. [Loki] probably wears a lot of cologne anyways. He might smell.

Chris: Loki! Elevator with the Hulk and you're almost guaranteed to die.

8. Have the power of invisibility or super strength?


Anthony: I would rather be invisible. I think you have a lot of opportunities to get into mischief.

Paul: I think being invisible might be a lot of fun.

Chris: I'd go invisible, because there's more times in my life I wish I were invisible. [Laughs] That was so awful! Sometimes I wish I could just disappear!

9. Have the power of X-ray vision or super speed?


Paul: So I can see through anything? Yes, that one.

Chris: X-ray vision is gonna be boring in an hour.

Anthony: I would rather have X-ray vision.

Don: I think I'd rather have super speed. Wait, are we talking about the drug, or...? I know what you meant! I'll still take the drugs.

10. Be on Team Cap or Team Iron Man?


Anthony: R.D.J., man! I would rather be on Team Iron Man. Black Widow's on Team Iron Man, so let's do it!

Chris: I'm gonna say...Team Cap!

Don: I would rather be on Team Cap!