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We Had The Stars Of "Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising" Assign Cast Superlatives

"Chloë is a little bit of a prankster."

Universal / Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

THE WAIT IS ALMOST OVER! Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising is set to come out soon and let's just say we're a little (OK, A LOT) excited. We sat down with the movie's stars — Chloë Grace Moretz, Rose Byrne, Beanie Feldstein, Kiersey Clemons, and their director Nick Stoller — who had some fun assigning cast superlatives to their friends in the film.

1. Who is most likely to be found at craft services?


Kiersey Clemons: Me?

Beanie Feldstein: I was gonna say, Clara [Mamet]!

Nick Stoller: I don't want to offend anyone — that's a hornet's nest!

Rose Byrne: Me. I'm nominating myself. Is that allowed?

Chloë Grace Moretz: Yeah, most likely.

2. Most likely to pull a prank on set?


Nick: Chloë is a little bit of a prankster! I would say she has a little bit of a prank quality. Out of everyone, maybe her.

Chloë: Awkwafina [Nora Lum] — she's always doing that.

Kiersey: Awkwafina?

Beanie: Yeah — Awkwafina! She's the craziest.

Kiersey: She has the best jokes.

Beanie: Or Ike?

Kiersey: Yeah, Ike is a good one. Actually Ike.

3. Most likely to nail a scene on their first take?


Beanie: Liz [Cackowski] who plays Wendy the Realtor is SO funny! I came in to watch her the other day and she was just slaying. She was killing it!

Kiersey: OK — I wasn't here so I didn't get to see it, but Liz!

Chloë: Rose Byrne — obviously. Also, I feel like Seth [Rogen] always gets it right.

4. Most likely to be texting in-between scenes?


Beanie: Chloë.

Kiersey: Chloë.

Rose: Chloë.

Chloë: Kiersey.

Rose: I think it's a dead tie.

Nick: I would say that a lot of the girls text a lot. The sorority girls, that's more their area — the texting.

5. Most likely to have been in a frat?


Kiersey: Zac [Efron]?

Beanie: Yeah, Zac!

Chloë: Zac.

Rose: Chloë.

Chloë: Oh! That's actually kind of true.

6. Most likely to give good relationship advice?


Kiersey: Me! I was just doing it in the car. I love to do that!

Beanie: Yeah, I would go with Kiersey. Or like, Rose? I feel like if I had an issue I could go to Rose. She's very easy to talk to.

Kiersey: Yeah, Rose could be good.

Rose: Nick, our director.

Chloë: Awww, yeah. He's cuddly.

7. Most likely to be caught doing the best impressions of other cast members?


Kiersey: Nick?

Beanie: I was gonna say Nick! But like, they're so bad, but so funny. He really commits.

Kiersey: You know exactly who he's impersonating.

Rose: I don't know! Seth's great. He's funny at everything.

Nick: Rose! She's incredible at impressions. She literally can do anyone.

8. Most likely to initiate a hangout after work?


Beanie: Me? I feel like me!

Kiersey: One of us is always like I'm hungry and that initiates everyone to get together.

Rose: Well, I tried. But it failed.

Chloë: Oh yeah — we all got sick! We weren't lying to you. We actually did get sick.

Rose: Really? Whatever.

Nick: We're all usually pretty wiped out at the end of the day so I've been doing that a lot because my family is back in LA, so I do a lot of, "Hey, what are you guys doing after work?" and they're like, "We're going to sleep." They're probably all going to a party.

9. Most likely to be the worst next door neighbor?


Kiersey: I'm gonna say Awkwafina because she's a DJ.

Beanie: And she's loud!

Nick: It's all about who is the youngest, so I would say Chloë. Nothing against her personally, but whoever is the 18-year-old is the worst neighbor.

10. Most likely to be the best next door neighbor?


Nick: I'd probably say Rose because she seems pretty quiet and neat.

Beanie: Me! Can I say myself? I'm the most — I'm courteous, I feel like.

Kiersey: You have great manners — you do have the best manners out of all of us. You wouldn't throw parties, you don't smoke weed...

Beanie: I'm the good girl.

11. Most likely to be caught taking a selfie?


Chloë: Kiersey or Beanie.

Rose: Kiersey or Beanie.

Nick: Kiersey! We've done some jokes about them taking selfies in the movie and she has a very fun selfie technique. She's almost too good at taking selfies — it's definitely been practiced.

12. Most likely to brighten your day?


Rose: Beanie! She's a little ray of sunshine.

Chloë: Beanie because she's always so positive.

Nick: They all do!

Beanie: Rose, Nick, and Ike are the people that make me smile the most. Nick always gives us these weird kisses on the cheek when we come in to start the day.

Kiersey: It's like an air kiss. Or he goes, 'What are we doing tonight!'

Beanie: He always wants to be in on our plans.

Kiersey: But he never is! We never invite him!

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising hits theaters May 20!