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Tina Fey And Amy Poehler's Advice To Women Is All You'll Ever Need

Q: "I'm 29 and single. Should I be worried?" A: "About ISIS, yeah."

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LAAAADDDIEEES! In celebration of their new movie, Sisters, dynamic duo Tina Fey and Amy Poehler answered YOUR burning questions, and let's just say their responses were ~everything~ you need.

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2. I'm a female and some of the most frustrating sexism I've received is from female co-workers telling me that I should tone it down. Should I scale my confidence back? —mariaroseb2


Amy: I say turn it up!

Tina: Usually if someone tells you to tone it down, usually what they want you to do is turn it up.


Tina: Well, maybe they're going to read about it later? In your book?

Amy: But how do I see where people are when I'm not with them, and how do they know where I've gone?

Tina: How do I feel left out about not being invited to the thing they're at?

Amy: Yes!

Tina: Your body will find a way.


Tina: "I have so many pictures!"

Amy: When I was doing stunts for Mission: Impossible III and I was on the wing of the plane...

Tina: You've been doubling him for years! From behind, you guys are identical.

Amy: Identical. And there was a moment where I was like, "I'm not prepared for this." That was scary, but I learned from it and I dug deep and we got the shot.


Amy: Which means, just be a little bit suspicious of people that are too friendly too soon. It's very Irish. But it's that kind of thing where it's OK to just take a minute. Another thing she used to say is, "Don't drink your tea too hot." You know, just take a minute before you decide to jump in.


Amy: Or if you lost something, she'd say, "Look where it is and you'll find it." Which was infuriating.

Tina: The only thing that comes to mind is my mother-in-law, before I got married, she said, "My only advice for marriage is don't fuss too much." She's a little Southern lady, and it's so true. Sometimes if you're not really mad about it, don't make yourself mad about it because you think you should be. Like, who cares?!

9. If you had the choice to meet either your past or future self, which would it be and what would you say? —amya46


Tina: I think I'd choose to talk to my future self...

Amy: Here's what I'd say to my future self. "Have you met YOUR future self?"

Tina: "Or do I die after you?"

Amy: "Or do I die the day after your meeting with me?"

Tina: And then you stab your future self. Wait, what?

Amy: What?!