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Sep 2015
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    Lilybuzz95 commented on What's Something Your Parents Did When You Were A Kid That'd Never Be OK Today?

    When I was a kid If I fell asleep in the car my parents would just leave me in there until I would wake up and walk into the house. They would leave the car unlocked so I could get out but I wasn’t visible to them from the house!

    1 year ago

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    Lilybuzz95 commented on What Is The Best Advice You Have For Someone Going Through A Bad Breakup?

    Dry your eyes mate, I know it's hard to take but her mind has been made up. There's plenty more fish in the sea

    4 years ago

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    Lilybuzz95 commented on What Are Your Freshers' Week Horror Stories?

    For freshers Wheatus came to do a show in the first week. At predrinks I played my first ever game of ring of fire. Being the lightweight that I am after too dirty pints my flat mates had to carry me to the toilet where I spent all night throwing up and crying down the phone to my… 

    5 years ago

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