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28 Valentine's Day Cards You Haven't Seen Since The '90s

These will make you nostalgic for elementary school.

1. There's no better way to express love than through one of the greatest '90s romances.

2. Lovely notes from everyone's favorite childrens' book series, The Berenstain Bears.

3. It's impossible to not love vintage Lisa Frank.

4. Sailor Moon was known to always be "winning love by daylight."

5. Clarissa Darling would have made the coolest valentine.

6. This card is Beauty and the BEST.

7. V-Day cards from another great Nickelodeon duo — Ren & Stimpy.

8. Who wouldn't want a card from everyone's second favorite prehistoric family?

9. You had me at "cool celebrity."

10. Nothing says Valentine's Day like Jurassic Park.

11. In the '90s, Barbie's hair grew to twice its normal size on Valentine's Day.

12. Of course you would give away a REAL Pokémon card to someone you liked.

13. Gotta be honest: I'd go a little looney if I received one of these today.

14. Swoon! Of course any '90s girl would die to get a Valentine from the lovely Leo.

15. The Angelica card was probably reserved for that one kid you didn't like in your class.

16. BRB, eBaying these Space Jam cards. Need these in my life ASAP!

17. These Aaahh!!! Real Monsters cards: both cute and a little gross.

18. These Power Rangers cards were probably the greatest Valentine's Day greeting a kid could've received in 1994.

19. These cards were zany to the max!

20. Naturally, these Catwoman cards are purrfect.

21. Love Shaq.

22. Hakuna matata, kids.

23. These NSYNC V-Day cards must have torn up a few hearts. (In a good way.)

24. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles card makes a pretty big statement. Because much love for pizza.

25. Oh, Hanson. You meant so much to '90s girls.

26. Even Uncle Scrooge can't resist a cute Valentine's Day card.

27. Who knew they made The Pagemaster cards?

28. Jewel, Puff Daddy, Will Smith, Backstreet Boys, and Brandy — this had to be the most EPIC Valentine's Day card pack of the late '90s.