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55 Toys And Games That Will Make '90s Girls Super Nostalgic

And so we meet again, Lil Miss Makeup.

If you were born anytime in the mid-'80s to early '90s, this was the stuff of your childhood...

1. Lil Miss Makeup

2. Polly Pocket

Bonus points if you also had one of those mini Polly Pockets that you could wear around your neck.

3. Disney Electronic Games

4. My Size Barbie

Slightly creepy.

5. Doodle Bears

6. Puppy Surprise

Life was over if there were only three puppies in there.

7. Dream Phone

8. Quints

9. My Pretty Ballerina

She came with her own tape and was already en pointe at the age, of like, 0. So she was awesome.

10. Mall Madness

"There's a sale in the...shoe store!"

11. Tamagotchis

12. My Little Pony

I can literally still smell that My Little Pony plastic deliciousness.

13. The Little Mermaid Ariel Doll

14. Barbie Happy Meal Toys

15. Glitter Magic Wands

Literally, hours of fascination with the world of magic contained within.

16. The Baby-Sitters Club Mystery Game

17. Sally Secrets

18. American Girl Dolls

A total status symbol if you were lucky enough to have one.

19. And That Newer Line of American Girl Dolls

Which was cool because you could order one to look like you!

20. Dear Diary

21. Cupcake Dolls

How did they get them to smell so yummy?! One of life's unsolved mysteries.

22. Cherry Merry Muffin

23. Little Tikes Victorian Playhouse

OK, if you had this, you were super lucky.

24. Baby All Gone

25. Fashion Plates

26. Lil Miss Magic Jewels

27. Pretty Pretty Princess

Whatever you do, do NOT end up with the dreaded black ring!

28. Belle from Beauty and the Beast Doll

29. Party Mania

30. Crayola Magic Scent Crayons

Raise your hand if the rose scent was your fave.

31. Ice Capades Barbie

32. Kitty Surprise

33. Lil Miss Magic Hair

She's classy! She's sassy! She's the ultimate in hair play fun!

34. Fashion Faces

35. Little Tikes Plastic Vanity

36. Beanie Babies

Sorry if you were convinced this was your retirement savings strategy.

37. Polly Pocket Light-Up House

38. Girl Talk

"You will give birth to twins five days after your 23rd birthday." This is basically the worst fortune ever.

39. Color Change Barbie

40. Water Babies

41. Little Tikes Dollhouse

42. Furbies


43. Bathtime Fun Barbie

44. Troll Dolls

So weird.

45. Pocket Locker

46. Easy-Bake Oven

Of course, the Easy-Bake Oven has been a staple of American childhood forever, '90s girls included.

47. Mattel P.J. Sparkles Doll

She would light up when you hugged her!

48. Sky Dancers

49. Skip-It

Was this not the most pointless game ever?

50. Baby Born

51. Dream Skater

52. The Dollymaker

This one was a little weird yet totally fascinating — you'd make little plastic doll molds. Mine always came out a mess of colors.

53. Playmobil Dollhouse

54. Magic Nursery Babies

55. And, the ultimate: Power. Wheels. Barbie. Car.

If you had dream status attained.