20 Status Symbols Gen Y Girls Grew Up With

Lucky bitch.

The things that made people jealous, presented here in chronological order…

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1. American Girl Dolls

Bonus points if you had extra outfits and sets.

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2. American Girl Doll Clothes

Ugh you are so cool.

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3. Tricked-Out Barbie Bikes

That came with super-cool extras like makeup sets and attachable pouches.

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4. Barbie Power Wheels Car

Didn’t you so desperately want to ride to school in one of these?

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5. Playmobil Dollhouses

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6. These Fancy Pencil Cases

Because they were so much cooler than those plain old zipper-style ones.

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7. Princess Canopy Beds

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8. Nintendo

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9. Dear Diary

Or any one of the slew of electronic diaries of the ’90s.

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10. Baby-G Watches

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11. Having a TV in Your Room

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12. Anything from the Pottery Barn Teen Catalog

Once you got sick of that canopy bed.

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13. Hard Candy Nail Polish

Because it was 20 times more expensive than Wet ‘n Wild.

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14. Your Own Phone Line with Your Own Answering Machine

Let’s not talk about all those “creative” greetings you came up with.

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15. Lacoste Polos

Pink on all the days. Not just Wednesdays.

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16. Juicy Couture Tracksuits

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17. Uggs

God, these are so 2004.

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18. These Bags

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19. Pink Motorola Razr Phones

Bonus points if it’s Bedazzled.

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20. Tiffany Necklaces


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