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6 Things You Most Definitely Don't Know About "Clueless"

Details for hardcore fans are revealed in a new oral history on this '90s classic.

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A new book on Clueless has just hit the shelves. It's called As If!, and in it, pop culture journalist Jen Chaney weaves together an amazing oral history of the movie with interviews from the cast and crew.

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The book explores literally every detail of the movie, from its origins to aspects of its production, to its lasting impact.

1. Paul Rudd gave the cast/crew the most '90s wrap gift ever: personalized rice grain necklaces.

Paul Rudd: "What I got everybody was a necklace with — each person had their name written on a grain of rice. It was like the dumbest [gift]."

2. Dionne's hat was by a New York designer called Kokin, and you could buy them...meaning somewhere, someone besides Dionne was in fact wearing this hat.


Kokin, hat designer: "It was expensive and difficult to produce, and it was expensive and difficult to sell. But I made it a certain price for a certain woman who's got to have the look. I don't remember [how much it cost]. Whatever it is, now it's pennies."


3. Murray has fake braces on in the cover an extra tooth?!


Donald Faison: "[The braces in the movie] are fake because I had an extra tooth and they wanted to hide that because it kind of looked weird when I smiled...What happened was [when I was younger], one of my teeth didn't fall out. So because of that, I had an extra tooth."

4. The name of the school — Bronson Alcott — is an interesting combination of inspirations.


Author Chaney writes: "Bronson Alcott High School is named after both Bronson Pinchot, Heckerling's former boyfriend, and Bronson Alcott, the father of Little Women author Louisa May Alcott, after whom Pinchot was named."

5. As for Cher's last name — Horowitz — that was a happy accident.


Writes Chaney: "...during the scene when Mr. Hall is handing out tardy slips, he ad-libbed the name 'Cher Horowitz' — and it stuck."

If you've scrutinized every detail of this movie, you may have noticed the name "Hamilton" on Cher's report card.

6. Ever wonder who the mystery guy dancing with Amber is? It's actually Lawrence (played by Sean Holland), the same guy who shaves Murray's head.


Donald Faison: "If people look really closely, though, Sean Holland played two parts in that movie. He's dancing with Amber with the tank top and the crazy hat, and then he's the guy cutting my hair."