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17 More Things To Do When You're Bored Out Of Your Mind

Welcome to the funzone.

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1. Try searching Instagram to discover fun things to do in your area.


Try searching tags that incorporate your city's name and terms like #gems, #hiddengems, #spots, #secretspots, etc. (So, for example: #nychiddengems.) If you're into history, you can also try stuff like #[cityname]history to learn cool things or find places to visit.

2. Go hunting for a new perfect journal or notebook. And be sure to also find a new pen.

Dedicate your new notebook to something — serious or silly — and sit with your thoughts with a nice cup of coffee or glass of wine. Don't worry about the commitment to writing/journaling, it's all about the moment.


5. Write your own song in Garage Band because why not?


If you have a Mac, it should come with Garage Band, a program that makes it super easy to compose songs. Otherwise, here's a list of free music production software you can download online!

6. Create a new personal organization method.

Check out organization and planning apps to see if there's anything new/better than your current system. (Pictured, left: Todoist.) Or, if you prefer doing things by hand, find a new planner and begin penciling in all your to-dos. (Pictured, right: Poketo six-month planner, $28.)

7. Try reading a book in another language.

If you studied a language in high school or college, brush up on your skills by trying out a book in that language. To make it easier on yourself, try a kids book or a book you've already read in your native tongue.


9. Clean up your desktop, files, and pick out a cool new background for your computer.

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Delete all that junk you don't need anymore, create new files, and reward yourself with new wallpaper. If you are looking for cool, design-driven motifs, check here, here, and here.

10. Fantasize about your dream house.

Nothing wrong with goals, right? Check out real estate listings in your area on sites like Redfin or MLS. Of course, if you're really just hunting for your future Jay/Bey-worthy castle, go to Sotheby's real estate. And, you can always search Craigslist to see what's for rent. Hey, you never know...maybe it IS time to move.

11. Figure out an awesome spot to watch a sunset.

Corny? Yes. So? Try googling spots in your area for sunset-watching (Yelp may also have a list). Go solo, or grab a bottle of wine and a friend. It's so cheesy, it might just make for a really great memory.


12. Re-read a book from your childhood.

Drawing a blank? Here's a good list of books you probably read in elementary or high school.

13. Sign up for a clothing-selling site to earn some extra cash (for when you're not bored and have more things to do).

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Lucky for you, we already have a great list of websites that help you sell off your unwanted closet goods!

14. Check Google or Yelp to see if there are any specialty grocery stores in your area. Take a field trip and try out some snacks you never knew existed.

Better yet, before heading out, look up a recipe that needs the specialized ingredients you'll find only at that specific market.