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19 Images That Are Literally Perfection To '90s Girls

It's a beautiful life.

1. This impeccable arrangement of Lisa Frank stickers.

2. This brilliant Spice Girls-themed manicure.

3. These sparkly jelly heels paired with frilly socks, which are the perfect picture of '90s spring fashion.

4. This most perfect license plate.

5. This spot-on comparison of Rihanna's Grammy dress and a Cupcake Doll.

6. This still life of flavored lip balms. You can practically taste the perfection.

7. This collection of Dr. Martens, all lined up in a row.

8. This homemade Spice Girls cassette, an artifact that brings back all the feels.

9. This elegant trio of old-school Hard Candy nail polishes.

10. This collection of perfectly preserved MoxieGirl catalogs.

11. This sheet music to "Quit Playing Games."

12. This artful arrangement of '90s relics.

13. This Sanrio wallet, paired appropriately with a Rave frequent shopper card.

14. These almost-like-new graphic tees from the Limited Too.

15. This folded message, a reminder of the lost art of origami notes.

16. This quartet of girly items, which reads like a vignette of 1997.

17. This absolute masterpiece and ode to the greatness of Cher Horowitz. And obviously your dream wallpaper.

18. This selection of Baby-Sitters Club books, which should be glued together and hung on a wall, it's so freakin' good.

19. This school portrait, which might just be the epitome of '90s girl perfection.