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How Bad Has Your Day Been?

The apocalypse is NOW.

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    You woke up with a hangover.
    You simply could NOT wake up or slept through your alarm.
    You skipped breakfast.
    There was no hot water in the shower.
    The house was a mess when you woke up.
    No. Clean. Underwear.
    You had a bad hair day.
    You realized there's a stain on your clothes.
    You couldn't decide what to wear and then hated your outfit.
    Couldn't find your keys.
    Couldn't find your other shoe.
    The train/bus was running behind or you got stuck in traffic.
    You forgot to charge your phone.
    You forgot your phone at home.
    You had to fill up your gas tank. Stupid gas money burning a hole in your pocket.
    Your car started making a weird noise on your drive to work.
    You stepped in a puddle of unknown origin.
    You were late to work.
    You were late to work and your boss definitely noticed.
    Your mom called just as you got to work and it was very annoying.
    You had an awkward interaction with your co-workers.
    You were unprepared for a meeting.
    You realized you forgot something at home.
    You replied all to an email that should NOT have been replied all.
    Your inbox this morning was the sixth circle of hell.
    Someone blamed you for something that wasn't your fault.
    Your boss told you to "improve" on something.
    You pissed off a friend.
    You didn't have time for lunch.
    You ate lunch at your desk and it was sad.
    You spilled something on yourself.
    You had ... um ... stomach issues at work.
    You had a headache at some point during the day.
    You looked at your bank balance and it gave you a heart attack.
    Your boss was in a bad mood for some unknown reason.
    You had a pointless meeting that took wayyyyy too long.
    Your computer wigged out and didn't save something important.
    Your chair broke.
    Your boss caught you on Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/BuzzFeed.
    You pretty much didn't accomplish anything today.
    You finished a project only to discover that it was not in fact finished.
    You got a flat tire.
    You got a sunburn.
    You had heartburn.
    You lost something important.
    You double-booked your plans for the evening.
    Someone flaked out on your plans.
    The person you were hoping would call/text didn't.
    You got lost.
    You fought over something stupid with your significant other.
    You suddenly remembered that you promised to do that one thing with your S.O. that you HATE.
    They screwed up your prescriptions at the drugstore.
    When getting ready to go out, you put on an old piece of clothing that no longer effing fits.
    You had a bad date.
    You had frozen food for dinner.
    You got food poisoning.
    You didn't have dinner.
    You had cereal for dinner.
    You realized your significant other completely didn't listen to you.
    You forgot to pay a bill.
    You dropped your phone and it fucking broke.
    Your dog ate something it wasn't supposed to.
    Your cat puked on the rug.
    You got dumped.
    You got in a physical fight.
    You got a goddamned speeding and/or parking ticket.
    You got into a fender-bender.
    You got fired from your job. (Duuuuude.)
    You found out an opportunity fell through.
    You got your period.
    It was BAD.
    Your internet went down.
    You fucked up your diet.
    You didn't make it to your workout. Didn't even try.
    As soon as you got home, you had work calls/emails up the wazoo.
    You Tweeted something that was horribly misunderstood.
    Your teeth hurt.
    Your personal computer totally died and now you have to get a new one.
    Someone spoiled your favorite TV show that you hadn't seen yet.
    You went to the hospital.
    You felt like the world just generally shat on you all day long.
    You just can't.

How Bad Has Your Day Been?

You don't let a couple bad things ruin your day! Just think ... there are like 80 other things you could have checked off on this list.

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Arrghhhh pretty shitty day. You have earned a happy hour that lasts longer than one hour.

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The demons are out for you. Everyone is stupid. This has been one of your top 10 worst days. Sal;dfjas;lkdfjaow;irjg;kasdjfa;lxm!!!

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OMG MAKE IT STOP. Just remember: You will never have the worst day of your life again. Because it was today.

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