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    18 Fantastic Halloween Costume Ideas For '90s Girls

    Otherwise known as: just another excuse to dress like a goth schoolgirl.

    1. Cher or Dionne from Clueless

    In the words of Cher herself: "Classic!"

    2. Daria and Jane

    3. Wednesday Addams

    Perfect for people who hate Halloween — just wear black and scowl.

    4. The Girls from The Craft

    Any excuse to dress like a goth schoolgirl...

    5. Sailor Moon

    6. The Spice Girls


    7. Kelly Kapowski

    All you need for the queen of Bayside is a school sweatshirt, some floral spandex, and some teased bangs.

    8. Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

    Flickr: 97282759@N00

    Leather jacket + flare pants + stake = Buffy.

    9. Helga Pataki from Hey Arnold

    Now you don't have to tweeze your eyebrows for the month of October.

    10. Romy and Michele / Via Peace Love Shea

    OMG you guys are awesome.

    11. Log Lady from Twin Peaks

    Get a log. Act weird. Bam. Halloween costume.

    12. Lydia from Beetlejuice

    Flickr: ironhide

    Although it came out in 1988, '90s girls watched this movie on VHS obsessively. If you don't happen to have a red '80s prom dress lying around, you can always do a schoolgirl outfit — just get those spiky bangs right and you're good to go.

    13. The Chipettes from Alvin and the Chipmunks

    As long as you don't do the high-pitched voices all night, this could be totally cute as a trio costume.

    14. Gwen Stefani

    Ohhh, the choices with Gwen. Are you going to be Rock Steady Gwen? Harajuku Gwen? Bindi Gwen? Blue-hair Gwen?

    15. The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus

    16. Sarah from Labyrinth

    Whoa! OK, you win. We can all go home now. (Technically, Labyrinth is an '80s movie, however it became a cult classic with '90s girls as well.)

    17. Corey Mason from Empire Records

    18. Angela Chase from My So-Called Life

    Otherwise known as you, 15 years ago.