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Posted on Mar 27, 2014

36 Facts That '90s Girls Won't Believe

Things you never knew about girl groups, YM, and other stuff.

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1. Lisa Frank sold her first work of art in 1972 — her senior year of high school — for $3,000. Which is equivalent to $16,850 now.

2. She also founded Lisa Frank at just 24 years old.

3. The board games Mall Madness and Dream Phone were designed by the same person — a man named Michael Gray.

4. The original Spice Girls lineup featured a different fifth member — a girl named Michelle who wasn't into the group. (Whatever.) Baby Spice replaced her.

Raw Spice/Hulu

5. The Spice Girls are also STILL the best-selling female group of all time.

6. Although Lip Smackers have been around since the '70s, there wasn't a vanilla flavor until 1994, when a huge vanilla fragrance trend hit the country.

7. M. Night Shyamalan claims to have ghostwritten She's All That...which appears to be an exaggeration. But, either way, the scary moviemaker did do a script polish on the 1999 teen comedy, which is still...weird.

8. Sky Dancers were recalled in 2000 for reportedly causing over 150 injuries, which included scratched corneas, temporary blindness, concussions, and broken ribs.

9. Bandai, the Japanese company that developed Tamagotchi, made the toy to appeal to teen girls to show them what it was like to be parents.

10. In 1995, YM magazine received 30,000 pieces of reader mail each month.

11. Jessica Alba was a recurring guest star on The Secret World of Alex Mack; she played a bully.

12. Ryan Gosling basically could have been in the Backstreet Boys.

13. FYI, platform shoes, a '90s revival of a '70s trend, date back to the ancient Romans.

14. Meredith Monroe — aka Andie McPhee on Dawson's Creekwas 29 when she played Andie...a 16-year-old.

15. To keep his Titanic project quiet, James Cameron initially adopted the fake title Planet Ice while developing and filming to throw off the press.

16. Destiny's Child was originally called Girls Tyme.

17. Although Mattel designed a Barbie in a wheelchair in 1997, they did not think to create dimensions that would allow the chair to fit in the elevator of Barbie's Dream House.

18. Mattel sued the band Aqua over the song "Barbie Girl" for copyright infringement and image damage...but Mattel eventually lost the case.

19. There was a Daria TV movie in 2002 called Is It College Yet?

20. The Olsen Twins' 1995 movie, It Takes Two, earned $19 million at the box office and an even more staggering $75 million in home video sales.

21. While Saved by the Bell's iconic coupling was between Zack and Kelly, Zack (played by Mark-Paul Gosselaar) actually dated Lisa (played by Lark Voorhies) in real life.

22. JNCO stands for "Judge None, Choose One."

23. Nick's Amanda Bynes' website, "Amanda Please," is still up and functional.

24. Although Manic Panic hair dye is a staple of the '90s, it was actually invented in the '70s — 7/7/77 to be precise.

25. What's more is Manic Panic was founded by two sisters who were Blondie's backup singers.

26. One of the writers on Felicity lied about her age, claiming she was 19 when was actually 32. She had been regarded as a prodigy, but after she was exposed, all her deals fell through.

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27. When she was a kid, Leighton Meester was in a Tamagotchi commercial. She also modeled for Limited Too.

28. Wet Seal got its name from a snarky comment the founder's wife made to him at a fashion show; she mentioned that a model walking down a runway in a bathing suit looked like "a wet seal."

29. The Britney song "...Baby One More Time" was originally written for the Backstreet Boys, then offered to TLC, but both groups rejected it — which obviously worked out really well for Britney.

30. In 1993, Teen Spirit deodorant was being used by 25% of all teens, according to its parent company, Colgate.

31. Roxy, Quicksilver's female surfer line, was the first to create board shorts for women in 1994.

32. In 1998, Mattel acquired the manufacturer of American Girl dolls for $700 million.

33. There was a sequel to Clarissa Explains It All called Clarissa Now. The show was supposed to be about Clarissa's adventures in New York during her internship at a newspaper, but the CBS pilot never went to series.

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34. Sofia Coppola briefly designed her own clothing line in the '90s called Milkfed.

35. Chloe Sevigny was an intern at Sassy magazine.

36. The creator of your precious Beanie Babies was recently convicted of tax evasion on $25 million in income.

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