Disneyland As A Kid Vs. Disneyland As An Adult

One thing’s for sure: Splash Mountain still RULES.

1. Planning for the trip to Disneyland as a kid: The best news you have ever received. You can barely contain yourself.

Your entire life has been leading up to this moment.

Planning for the trip as an adult: You search for a “reason” to go, and quietly express your excitement.

Columbia Pictures / Via mrdisneylandman.tumblr.com

Because you’re not 5 anymore, right? Just play this cool.

2. Arriving at Disneyland as a kid: AHHH I’M FREAKING OUT WHAT DO WE EVEN DO FIRST?

New Line / Via wifflegif.com

Arriving at Disneyland as an adult: Let’s get this party staaaAAAaaarted!

And then you act as if you are a downright expert on the park, even if you haven’t been there for years.

3. Sleeping Beauty’s castle as a kid: Thou art so majestic and beauteous; I am humbled before your greatness and magnitude.

Sleeping Beauty’s castle as an adult: How is it so small??? It is really small.

4. Jungle Cruise as a kid: Wait, are those REAL elephants?

Jungle Cruise as an adult: Hmmm …

This is kind of uncomfortable.

5. Minnie’s house in Toontown as a kid: I can please live here please?

Minnie’s house as an adult: Wow, A LOT of children touch everything in here. Hand sanitizer first, please?

OK, yeah, still kind of want to live in there.

6. Meeting Disney characters as a kid: OMG CELEBRITIES!!!

Meeting characters as an adult: I know you are a real person inside there.

7. Fantasyland rides as a kid: Mr. Toad is totally scary! Ahhhh!

Fantasyland rides as a grown-up: Yeah, sure, I’ll go on this. Not like I’m really going to enjoy it or anything.

J/K totally enjoying this!


Haunted Mansion, as an adult: Huh, I never appreciated this beautiful architecture. Honey? Should we plan a trip to New Orleans soon?

9. Long lines as a kid: Is 80 minutes a long time? I don’t THINK SO?!

Long lines as an adult: How is that even humanly possible?

Disney / Via giphy.com

Is there a manager I can speak to or something? I don’t think you understand that I’ve been here all day and I can’t leave without going on Splash Mountain?

10. Splash Mountain as a kid: Psyche yourself up all day long for this. Everything is leading up to this.

Fox / Via wifflegif.com

Splash Mountain as an adult: Still super scary and thrilling and fun oh my gosh so much fun!

11. Money as a kid at Disneyland: Mom, can I get this? And this? And this? Andthisandthisandthisandthis?

Money at Disneyland as an adult: DISNEYLAND MUST MAKE A FORTUNE OMG.

Leonora Epstein

If an adult ticket costs $96 .. let’s see … 96 + 96 + 96 +96 +96 + 96 …. boy oh boy. There are like, hundreds of thousands of dollars represented right here!

12. 4 p.m. at Disneyland as a kid: Let’s go! Let’s go let’s go let’s goooooo!

Disney/Pixar / Via wifflegif.com

4 p.m., as an adult: Must. Keep. Going.

Netflix / Via wifflegif.com

Newfound appreciation for all the parents in the world, everywhere.

13. Food at Disneyland as a kid: Do we REALLY have to stop to eat? I can just eat like five churros while we wait in line.

Pixar / Via wifflegif.com

Food at Disneyland as an adult: Why not also turn this trip into a culinary adventure?

Justin Abarca / Via buzzfeed.com

Oh so many delicious options!

14. Taking pictures at Disneyland as a kid: How you relive the magic when it’s over, a thing you do because “memories” and stuff.

But, c’mon guys! The line for Pirates is only 20 minutes now!

Taking pictures at Disneyland as an adult: I’m at Disney!! Meanwhile YOU are at work muahahahhaha.

15. Getting soaked on Splash Mountain as a kid: AWESOME!!

Getting soaked on Splash Mountain as an adult: And you thought it could be avoided … nope!

16. How you feel at the end of the day as a kid: I can’t believe it’s over. It can’t be over.

How you feel at the end of a day at Disneyland, as an adult: Disney is a very profound thing.

In conclusion, Disneyland is still a magical place. Even when you’re not a kid.

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