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Disneyland As A Kid Vs. Disneyland As An Adult

One thing's for sure: Splash Mountain still RULES.

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Sleeping Beauty's castle as an adult: How is it so small??? It is really small.

4. Jungle Cruise as a kid: Wait, are those REAL elephants?

Jungle Cruise as an adult: Hmmm ...

This is kind of uncomfortable.


Haunted Mansion, as an adult: Huh, I never appreciated this beautiful architecture. Honey? Should we plan a trip to New Orleans soon?

Long lines as an adult: How is that even humanly possible?

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Is there a manager I can speak to or something? I don't think you understand that I've been here all day and I can't leave without going on Splash Mountain?


Money at Disneyland as an adult: DISNEYLAND MUST MAKE A FORTUNE OMG.

Leonora Epstein

If an adult ticket costs $96 .. let's see ... 96 + 96 + 96 +96 +96 + 96 .... boy oh boy. There are like, hundreds of thousands of dollars represented right here!


14. Taking pictures at Disneyland as a kid: How you relive the magic when it's over, a thing you do because "memories" and stuff. / Via

But, c'mon guys! The line for Pirates is only 20 minutes now!