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Hey America, We Need To Talk About Your Terrible Ketchup Habits

It's time we have this fight.

We have some important but distressing news for you, Canada: Our American friends are very bad at ketchup.

If there's one thing Canadians* know, it's that ketchup and Kraft Dinner were made for each other.

Same with grilled cheese and ketchup. They should basically get married and make little cheesy, tomatoey babies.

An Ottawa woman even suggested it for a chip flavour. This is not a casual link — this is a serious food pairing.

I thought the majesty of carbs + cheese + ketchup was universal knowledge. That is, until I saw this BuzzFeed story.

I asked an American friend for clarification and things got tense.

I needed to go deeper.

I sent out a survey to my international BuzzFeed colleagues and the results were astounding.

A large chunk weren't even aware of the possibility. Here are the full results to "Do you put ketchup on Kraft Macaroni & Cheese/KD?"

And the people who were against it were very against it.

Explanations included "That can't be a thing. Please tell me that's not a thing" and "NO I AM NOT A DEMON."

Of the people who did use ketchup, three were Canadian, one was from Argentina, one was from Russia, and the remaining three were American. Interestingly, the Canadians who don't use ketchup on KD were from the East Coast.

But what does it all mean? The grilled cheese results were even more intriguing.

Every single Canadian — except for one — said that yes, grilled cheese should be dipped in ketchup.

Americans were far more skeptical, but far more accepting.

The full results for "Do you dip your grilled cheese in ketchup?"

I feel confused and betrayed — yet fascinated. So let's settle this once and for all.