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14 Wins For Transgender Canadians In 2015

Let's take a moment to remember the good.

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3. Alberta added human rights protections for trans people.

Jason Franson / The Canadian Press

“No Albertan should be denied basic services for being true to themselves,” Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley said at the announcement, according to CBC.

4. And raised a trans pride flag at the legislature in Edmonton for the first time on the Trans Day of Remembrance.

History at the #ableg grounds today. The trans pride flag stands tall. @GlobalEdmonton #yeg


5. Ontario released new guidelines for trans inmates, doing away with old policies that advocates say puts trans people in danger.

Here's the summary of Ontario's new policy on the admission, classification & placement of trans inmates. #cdnpoli

Before the change, trans inmates were typically placed based on whether or not they'd had surgery.

7. Kael McKenzie was appointed as Canada's first out trans judge in Manitoba.


McKenzie — who comes to the job with a CV that would make other lawyers weep — told the Globe and Mail his transition has given him the confidence and focus to be a better lawyer.


9. Trans Canadians protested with #PlettPutMeHere.

After Canadian Senator Donald Plett pretty much gutted C279 — a bill that would have added federal protections based on gender identity — trans Canadians refused to back down.

Activist and artist Brae Carnes started #PlettPutMeHere, a tag used with bathroom selfies to show that having access to the appropriate bathroom does matter.


The rules that affect trans Canadians — like changing sex markers on passports or which provinces include gender identity in human rights protections — are all laid out in this handy app.

11. Ontario banned conversion therapy for LGBT youth.

Celebrating passage of #Bill77 at the #OnPoli Legislature and taking a moment to enjoy this historic achievement.

The bill also made sure that public health care would no longer pay for it, for anyone.


12. It was announced that a controversial gender and identity clinic for youth in Toronto will be closed.

CAMH/Facebook / Via Facebook: CentreforAddictionandMentalHealth

The Gender and Identity Clinic at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) in Toronto has long been criticized for allegedly subjecting young patients to conversion therapy. As reported by Daily Xtra, there's also been stories of "awful, uncomfortable and damaging" treatment by the doctors.

In December, it was announced the head of the program is no longer with CAMH and the clinic will be phased out.

13. Then there were those viral stories that made us all smile. Like this Ottawa mom who surprised her trans daughter with the news that her legal name change came through.

My legal name change came through finally and my mom surprised me

14. And this Calgary tattoo artist who retouched his wife's tattoo of their trans son to better reflect who he is.