This Woman Had The Best Response To A Sexist Sign Outside A P.E.I. Car Dealership

    Stay kind, y'all.

    There were many people upset with Prince Edward Island car dealership owner's "humorous" sign about female drivers. But for one woman in Toronto, it hit even closer to home.

    Josie Candito owns a Master Mechanic location in Toronto and she also likes adding a bit of humour to the shop's sign. After seeing Mellish's messages, she decided to post a reply: "Mellish Motors... My Canada includes respect for women!"

    Candito told BuzzFeed Canada that she feels it's the responsibility of business owners to be leaders in their community, funny signs included.

    In fact, she's been using the sign to send inspirational messages to her community for almost two years.

    "I use that sign to inspire and motivate people and make them feel good," she said.

    Her signs are sometimes just little phrases that have inspired her, or appreciation for community members, or reminders to just be a little kinder to both animals and each other.

    Others capture her love of canine pals.

    "There’s a way to make people smile without using stereotypes or offending people."

    "I hope I inspire women, anybody, to feel good, to be kind."