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    17 Funny Signs That Were Clearly Made By Funny People

    Caution: Puns and high levels of snark ahead.

    1. This simple way to get people to drink at your bar:

    deepmobber / Via

    2. This only slightly passive-aggressive sign:

    KuronFury / Via

    3. This meme-y yard sale notice:

    HaZZaH33 / Via

    4. This half friendly, half threatening sign outside a church:

    SilverSunrises / Via

    5. This anti-littering plea:

    Cowboy5636 / Via

    6. These signs that really made the best of a bad situation:

    Vision40 / Via

    7. This sign that's serious at first, but adds a little fun if you read to the bottom:

    weirdonextdoor / Via

    8. This sign with a very important caveat:

    ODLL223 / Via

    9. This sign with some outside-the-box thinking:

    M4N8E4RP1G / Via

    10. This sign that you probably have to be over a certain age to get:

    gil_beard / Via

    11. This warning from a fed-up teacher:

    SkippyBluestockings / Via

    12. This explanation for the blasted-out building:

    zoxor / Via

    13. This truth about cats:

    14. And this one:

    15. This very good sign in all respects:

    16. This sign with an old adage:

    17. And finally, this celebration of a Joe-free workplace:

    AnnoyingCrow91 / Via

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