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    Now Justin Trudeau Has Chimed In On This Pineapple On Pizza Business

    "Did you know that's Canadian?" — ancient Canadian proverb

    Thanks to Iceland's president, people are once again debating whether pineapple belongs on pizza (it doesn't). But did you know that Hawaiian pizza is a Canadian invention?

    Well Canadians know, and we can't shut up about it.

    Because nothing makes Canadians happier than global attention and an excuse to espouse our supposed values, such as ruining pizza with fruit.

    An attack on pineapple pizza is an attack on Canada.

    While many have pointed out that pineapple on pizza is among our worst contributions to the world, Canadians themselves have zero chill about it.

    people think canada is nice but they invented pineapple on pizza so guess not

    Justin Trudeau, the prime minister, the man who runs this country, has chimed in, tweeting his support for pineapple on pizza.

    Canada's official Twitter account has weighed in, too, thematic emojis and all.

    As has Historica Canada, the folks behind those beloved Heritage Minutes.

    Like I said, just absolutely no goddamn chill.

    I'm really tired of this pineapple on pizza bashing. It's a national treasure. Give it the Order of Canada.

    This has become a point of national pride.

    I'm so happy Canada is standing up for its beliefs on the world stage. #pineappleonPizza

    And while some of our southern neighbours seem grateful for our most terrible food invention...

    Big day for those of us who enjoy the sweet tang of pineapple on our pizzas. Thanks for looking out for us, @canada

    Others know there's no pride in pineapple.

    @Sargon_of_Akkad Canada invents the pineapple pizza?