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    13 Heritage Minutes That Canadians Need Right Now

    Never forget.

    1. For the Drake and Meek beef:

    2. For this glorious wardrobe selection:

    3. For this incredible album:

    4. For when an entire nation cheered at once:

    5. For a monkey that just wanted to buy an affordable sofa:

    6. For "I have more than enough to eat at home":

    7. For Conrad:

    8. For this whole... thing:

    9. For B4-4's incredible musical masterpierce:

    10. For when this couple defined relationship goals:

    11. For PJ Phil and Snit, who made weekday afternoons bearable:

    12. For when Alex Trebek finally shaved his moustache:

    13. And we DEFINITELY need a Heritage Moment about Heritage Moments: