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16 Reasons Being A Canadian Lesbian Is Such A Struggle

Canadian women look like lesbians and it's really hard, guys.

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1. Trusting your gaydar around Canadian women is essentially impossible.

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2. Like, you see a girl wearing plaid. DING DING DING, right? WRONG. She could just be fashionable. Or a lumberjack. Or just Canadian.

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3. And beanies? It's winter here for like eight months a year. She's probably just cold.

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4. Oh and she likes hockey? THAT STILL DOESN'T HELP.

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5. Eventually you just kind of accept that stereotypical Canadian girls just look like lesbians.

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6. But then the stereotypes get turned back on you, like everyone assuming you worship Tegan and Sara.

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7. Or that, being both gay and Canadian, you must love beer.

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8. When it comes to dating, dealing with dry, cracked, chapped hands in the winter is a real downer.

You need those.
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You need those.

9. And that's if you can find someone. Trying to Tinder outside of a major city just looks like this.

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10. Or if you do find someone, they're 200 kilometres away.


11. And all those lesbian dating apps? They always get released in Canada way after the U.S.


12. Which might be why Tumblr is the sole reason you keep going over your monthly data limit.

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13. And why you know that empty feeling that comes from finishing Carmilla, the Canadian web series that made you want a vampire girlfriend so hard.

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14. Just trying to pick a favourite queer lady Canadian ship is a struggle unto itself.

15. Although Netflix's pitiful Gay & Lesbian section is even sadder in Canada.

But you know you're going to watch them all, anyway.

But you know you're going to watch them all, anyway.

16. But the worst of all? Feeling sexually confused by Justin Bieber.