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Here’s Why Canada Stepped Up To Host The Pride House In Pyeongchang

So much pride.

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Canada House is the place where athletes and fans can find a taste of home in Pyeongchang during the Winter Games. And, in a first, it's also serving as a safe space for LGBT people.

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The tradition of Pride Houses started during the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. They function like a national house — providing a space for people to watch the games and find community — but for LGBT folks. It's also a place to learn about anti-gay sentiment in sports.

They've popped up at all kinds of international sporting events, including the biggest one so far at the PanAm games in Toronto in 2015.

There was notably no Pride House at the last Winter Games in Sochi, because efforts to establish one were blocked by Russia.

With a lack of funding, it was looking pretty bleak for Pyeongchang, too. That is, until Canada stepped up.

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The Canadian Olympic Committee announced that Canada House would officially double as Pride House at the games, in partnership with Pride House International. It's the first time a country has partnered with Pride House in this way.

“The COC stands behind its commitment of inclusion and diversity in the global sport landscape,” said Chris Overholt, CEO and secretary general of the Canadian Olympic Committee, in a statement.

“We recognize that diversity is our greatest strength. Inclusion is the very foundation of what makes the heart of Team Canada. By hosting Pride House in our Canada Olympic House, we are extending our warmest welcome to all from every corner of the world to celebrate ‘Be Olympic.’"

It also makes the welcome message at Canada House even more meaningful.

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"This is your house no matter who you are or where you come from," it says.

"You are at home, regardless of your sex, sexual orientation, race, marital or family status, gender identity or expression, sex characteristics, creed, age, colour, disability, political or religious belief."

It's enough to make a person actually like the Olympics.

I don’t usually get hyped for the Olympics, But I just found out that Canada House is also going to be Pride House in PyeongChang. Bravo!

You're doing amazing, sweetie.

I want #TeamCanada to win 10000 medals, but what makes my cold dark heart the proudest is that Canada House is hosting Pride House.

Just in case you needed another reason to feel some Canadian pride during the Olympics, here you go.

🇨🇦 O Canada ‼️ Thank you for hosting Canada House AND Pride House for ALL the olympic athletes ! We dont just talk…

Lauren Strapagiel is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in Toronto, Canada.

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