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    17 Times Kim Campbell Was A Canadian Treasure On Twitter

    1st female prime minister of Canada, 1st prime minister of Twitter sass.

    1. On enjoying her 20s.

    2. On Kellyanne Conway.

    3. On beastality.

    4. On farts.

    5. On cheese.

    6. She's just tweeting what we're all thinking.

    7. On crazy cat ladies.

    8. On Sarah Palin.

    9. On Trump's... hole.

    10. On Boris Johnson (and vocabulary).

    11. This is from her poodle, Leo.

    12. Leo is very good with technology.

    13. On young Wayne Gretzky's astounding resemblance to Princess Diana.

    14. On our sexiest Prime Minister.

    15. On taking nudes.

    16. On Trump's suspicions.

    17. And finally, on Trump's word.