I Rewatched "Legally Blonde" Just In Time For Its 20th Anniversary And I Have A LOT Of Opinions

    To anyone who doesn't love this movie, I have one thing to say: I object!

    “Legally Blonde” turned 20 this July. Here are my thoughts while I rewatched the classic that specifically had a profound impact on my fellow millennials.

    1. How can this movie already be 20 years old? Maybe because I could finally afford the beloved VHS tape for $5 from the sale bin at Blockbuster. Ok, that timeframe checks out.

    the movie poster for Legally Blonde with Elle in pink while walking her dog bruno

    2. Right out the gate, I have a LOT of thoughts on the opening scene. One, Hoku's “Perfect Day” is still a favorite song that I illegally (shhhh) downloaded off Limewire and put on a mixed CD. Also, why is frisbee the most stereotypical activity at college? Plus, Elle dyes her signature golden locks with a box of Herbal Essences dye?! The horror!

    the bottle of herbal essence on Elle's night stand

    3. Cut to the framed photo of Warner in Elle's dorm room. BTW, he's WAY hotter than I remember. Those aviator glasses too. Oh. My. God.

    the framed photo of Warner next to him entering the sorority house in his aviators

    4. Warner's decision to order champagne before dumping Elle publicly is highly suspect. Never underestimate someone's ability to make a scene, ESPECIALLY if they have some bubbly in their system.

    Elle and Warner toasting at a fine restaurant

    5. Honestly, Elle eating an entire box of chocolates is a whole mood.

    6. More people should consider hiring directors for admissions video essays, right? Also... twenty years later, and my guess is that Harvard's admission's group is still predominantly old, white, and male.

    Elle talking to the camera in a bikini while in a hot tub

    7. Ah, the era of the purse dog *sigh* A truly simpler time. Speaking of purses and fashion, there's too many iconic looks to even make a dent on the fashion in this movie so I'm not even going to try.

    Bruno riding in the passenger seat of Elle's convertible in a large purse

    8. Elle's move-in scene is quite the Dunkin' Donuts commercial. Fitting for the Massachusetts-founded company, is it not?

    Some Harvard boys drinking cups of coffee from Dunkin'

    9. Holland Taylor once again plays a mean college educator. A few years prior to this, she played Dean McMann on Saved by the Bell: The College Years. She must love teaching.

    Holland Taylor in both Legally Blonde and saved by the bell

    10. Pink, furry pens were EVERYTHING. Mental note to order some for my office because I seriously love them.

    Elle in class writing her notes with the furry pink pen

    11. And speaking of love... Luke Wilson, I love you SO much in this movie. Where have you been lately?? P.S. I would never call you a butthead – not to your face or even behind your back.

    Elle making a sour face as Luke Wilson's character tries to be nice to her after she's kicked out of class

    12. Vivian Kensington. Hmmm... Great name but seriously hideous engagement ring. Oh, and Selma Blair and Reese also did Cruel Intentions (1999) together, another favorite movie of mine. They should be in more movies together. Hollywood, please take note.

    Vivian smirking at Elle while clearly showing off her engagement ring

    13. Hi, Stifler’s mom! Ok, but no, seriously... why is Jennifer Coolidge so iconic in everything she does? Anybody else hear imaginary porno music when the UPS guy enters? ~bow chicka wow wow~ Just me? Ok.

    Paulette staring at the mail guy and him looking back with a flirty expression

    14. All things considered, I think Elle handled this scene with a LOT of class. A lot of people wouldn't have been afraid to throw some hands (or at the very least, some drinks).

    Elle being mad at Vivienne for telling her to show up in a costume at a non-costume party

    15. Aaaaand cue the hardworking/determined girl montage! Love a good multitasking of reading + exercising and getting your hair done + studying. Work it, Elle!

    16. Does it get any better than the "I'm takin' the dog... dumb@ss!" scene? No. No, it doesn't.

    Paulette making a stand and telling her ex that she's taking back the dog

    17. One good thing about getting old is that I can now say, “Wow, those laptops are soooo 2000s."

    Elle and her classmates on old fashioned laptops

    18. An all-time favorite quote in life is, “Do you think she woke up one morning and said: 'I think I'll go to law school today?'” Yes, I do. Thank you, Elle Woods, for teaching us to swing (or bend, if that's your thing) for the fence. Plus, pink, scented resumé never hurts either.

    Elle hanging in her resumé and Emmett smelling the perfume on it

    19. BRB, my husband and I are having a quick “Bend & Snap” off. For anyone curious, his is wayyyy better. Props to the pregnant lady for getting her "Bend & Snap" on. I never could do that during either of my pregnancies.

    20. Can we talk about Elle's amazing gaydar for a second? Also, that guy's shirt is incredibly busy and incredibly iconic.

    Elle in a little argument with the gay pool guy while on a recess from court

    21. Let's talk hair for a second. Chutney's perm is SO big, and it ultimately proved to be her downfall. If that's not a lesson, I don't know what is.

    Chutney smirking in spite while on the stand at Elle's seemingly silly questions

    22. And while we're talking about hair – is Reese wearing a wig in some scenes (especially the last two scenes) or is her blowout on steroids? Asking for a friend. Of course, I had to look this up and my suspicions were correct. Reese was shooting another movie in England, The Importance of Being Earnest, where her hair was red. Surprisingly, both she and Luke Wilson (who had shaved his head for another project), wore wigs in the reshoot of the final scenes.

    23. And lastly, the end scene remains as thrilling as always. Her commencement speech still gives me chills and is so inspiring. "It is with passion, courage of conviction, and strong sense of self that we take our next steps into the world, remembering that first impressions are not always correct. You must always have faith in people. And most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself."

    What are some of your favorite Legally Blonde moments? Let me know in the comments!