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15 TV Characters Who Were So Bad, They Should've Been Killed Off

I'm still mad, tbh!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community which TV characters were SO bad that the show would've been better off without them. Lemme just say that they did not hold back. Here's what they said:

🚨Warning: There are MASSIVE spoilers ahead!🚨

1. Owen Hunt from Grey's Anatomy

Owen yelling at Cristina because he thinks everything is always about her.

"Initially, I loved him, but quickly it became very clear that he was the worst character in this show — and that's saying something, considering how many characters have been on Grey's. He doesn't bring anything to the show besides whining and screaming at the women in his life. I stopped watching after Season 14 because the show stopped being interesting for me a while ago, but maybe I would have kept watching without Owen."


2. Andy Bernard from The Office

Andy annoys Michael Scott to hang out with him.

"He was absolute garbage and totally ruined the show. He was not funny, charming, or anything remotely positive. He was a crybaby brat who was the epitome of white privilege."


3. Elena Gilbert from The Vampire Diaries

Elena tells Stefan she's gonna burn down her house because her brother died.
The CW

"I know she was the main character, but she was just so annoying. She constantly put herself and her loved ones in danger, and then blamed everyone but herself whenever things went wrong — which they always did. She always expected Bonnie or the Salvatore brothers to save her any time she stepped in harm’s way, which was incredibly selfish. She completely ruined the show for me."


4. Matt Donovan from The Vampire Diaires

Matt yells at his best friend to stop lying to him, even though it's dangerous for him to know the truth.
The CW

"He was so miserable and moany. The show's writers kept giving him boring side plots just to justify him still being there, despite the fact that he hated pretty much all the other characters by the end of the series."


5. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl

Blair tells Chuck she loves him and Chuck responding with "Well, that's too bad."
The CW

"I've said it once and I'll say it 1,000,000,000,000,000 more times — CHUCK BASS FROM GOSSIP GIRL. He's the most disgusting television character in the history of everything. Every time I see his face, I get filled with rage. I can't fucking stand him. I can't believe I have this much hatred over a fictional character."


6. Dre Johnson from Black-ish

Dre yells at Bow because he thinks she always wants to be right.

"I HATE Dre from Black-ish. My brother watches this show religiously, and while I haven’t seen the show all the way through, I’ve definitely seen enough to know that Dre is just a straight-up horrible person. In the beginning, his whole 'I’m a bad dad and husband' thing was tolerable. But now he’s just totally unbearable. He’s a terrible husband to Bow. He’s also a really crappy dad, instead of lifting his kids up and making them feel empowered, he puts them down to save himself from being embarrassed. He’s a really selfish and crappy person, and I’m convinced that Bow and the kids would be WAY better off without him."


7. Malick D. from Elite

Malick making out with Omar, and then Omar's sister Nadia realizes that Malick pretended to like her too.

"He literally had no purpose except making Omar cheat on Ander. He also had a weird relationship with Omar's sister Nadia at the same time and totally used her because their relationship ultimately meant nothing to him. He was so manipulative."


8. Tom Haverford from Parks and Recration

Tom talks about his "Oh-no-no" list that he has whenever he dates someone. If the woman he's dating commits an "Oh-no-no," he dumps them.

"I never thought any of his bits were funny, and I genuinely don't think he made a difference to the show."


9. Debbie Gallagher from Shameless

Debbie tells Fiona that she intentionally lied to her boyfriend so he'd get her pregnant.

"Pretty much everyone on the show has done shitty things at one point, but most of them are actually decent and show remorse for their wrongdoings. But Debbie continually does shitty things and never faces consequences for her actions. It's ridiculous. She never shows remorse for anything she does."


10. Dawson Leery from Dawson's Creek

Dawson crying because Joey left him.
The WB

"He was the WORST and shouldn’t have even been a character. The show should have scrapped him and called it 'Pacey’s Creek' instead."


11. Kennedy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Kennedy tells Willow that she always gets her way.
The WB

"Not only was she the worst character in the entire series, but she might be the worst character on TV! I can't think of a single character more irritating than her. She was worse than any big bad villain that Buffy ever faced."


12. Ani Achola from 13 Reasons Why

Ani tells Clay that Bryce isn't that bad even though he sexually assaulted a bunch of Clay's friends.

"She annoyed me so much and her character was so forced. Her defense for Bryce and his unforgivable behavior killed the show for me. She never should have tried to make us feel sympathy for him. She was just annoying and self-righteous."


13. Veronica Lodge from Riverdale

Veronica tells her dad to brace himself because ~it's on~.
The CW

"I was so excited for her character during the first half of Season 1, but now all she does is try to one-up her dad and ruin his plans, sing in her speakeasy (which is an extremely dumb thing in itself), or sleep with Archie/Reggie/whoever she's dating at the time. I don't think she should be killed off or anything that drastic, but I think the writers REALLY need to rework her character."


14. Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things

Mike tells Hopper he's crazy, so Hopper puts him in his place.

"I know a lot of people love him, but I honestly can’t stand him. He’s annoying, rude to adults, and he was a really bad friend to Will, especially while he was struggling with the Mind Flayer trauma."


15. And finally, Ross Geller from Friends

Ross upset that his son his playing with a Barbie doll.

"I get he’s ~important~, but he was so toxic. He was super controlling about everyone else's lives. I hated him."


Responses have been edited for length and clarity.