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    People Shared Their Unpopular Opinions About "The Office" And It's Pretty Wild

    These hot takes are practically on fire.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community about their unpopular opinions about The Office, and they seriously delivered. Here's what they said:

    1. Pam should've ended up with Michael instead of Jim.


    "Pam and Michael knew everything about each other. She was usually the one explaining Michael’s antics and traditions and Michael was always so supportive of Pam. Of course, Michael wasn’t perfect, but it was a really endearing relationship and they would’ve worked much better than Pam and Jim."


    2. Pam and Dwight's friendship was the show's most underrated relationship.


    "The BEST relationship was Pam and Dwight. It was so pure and you could tell it came from a place of love and respect. Dwight fixed her house because he didn’t want her children in danger! I think their friendship always gets overlooked because it was never really the main focus."


    3. Kelly and Darryl were a "great couple."


    "Even though their relationship was very brief, Kelly and Darryl were a great couple. He was able to shut down Kelly's crazy antics without being mean to her, unlike Ryan."


    4. Jim manipulated Pam all throughout the series.


    "Jim was such a manipulative character. The only people on the show not amused by his antics were the ones he couldn't 'charm.' I'm not saying he was an evil guy but he wasn’t great either. Pam was easily manipulated by Jim. He professed his love and she turned him down — she did the right thing even though she kind of had feelings for him. Then Jim went back and kissed her anyway. Once Pam and Jim started dating, she became exactly who she thought HE wanted her to be. Around that point in the show Pam's personality also became confusing and insincere. AND Jim bought his parents house without speaking to her and she acted like she was fine with it. Who even does that?"


    5. And Jim bullied Dwight.


    "Jim constantly bullied Dwight all throughout the series. When I started watching, I immediately related to Dwight because I have been pranked by office bullies just like he was. It made work awful for me. Jim is a bully."


    6. Angela was actually a terrible person.


    "Angela wasn’t just the 'office bitch.' She was an actual asshole. She was too ashamed to be open with Dwight and didn’t deserve his love. She continued to have sex with Dwight while she was in a committed relationship with the senator. Then, she kept Dwight’s child away from him because she wanted Dwight to love her for who she was. I couldn’t stand Angela. She had zero enjoyable qualities."


    7. Pam was the most disrespected character throughout the entire series.


    "So many of the characters were so unnecessarily mean to Pam. Angela calls Pam a 'hussy' and 'the office mattress,' even though Pam goes out of her way to be nice to Angela and keep her secrets about Dwight. Kevin tells Pam her glasses are a turn-on and asks her to say something seductive. Michael tells Pam to make out with a blowup doll in front of the whole office, and then tells Jim that his favorite thing about Pam are her boobs. Roy also generally treated Pam like an object and literally told her that if she didn’t tip the basketball towards him she’d be sleeping outside. WTF?"


    8. Robert California was a *perfect* addition to the series.


    "TBH, I thought Robert California was HILARIOUS. His humor was always dry and kind of made everyone uncomfortable, but weirdly enough, I thought that’s what made him one of the best characters on the show."


    9. Toby didn't deserve any of the hate he got.


    "Aside from him being creepy with Pam, what did he ever do to deserve all the hate he got? Poor guy just tried to do his job, and Michael just wanted to be an asshole because he 'hated' HR. And who does he end up with? An HR manager! Leave Toby alone."


    10. The UK version of The Office is WAY better than the US version.


    "The American version is obnoxious and just isn't funny. The British version (with Martin Freeman and Ricky Gervais) is absolutely hilarious, deliciously understated, and has the BEST ending. There’s no comparison and nothing can change my mind on this."


    11. Nellie was a *highly underrated* character.


    "I liked Nellie. I know she got a ton of hate, but she was hilarious! And when you compared her to Andy she was WAY less obnoxious. All of her over-the-top gestures were just her way of trying hard to fit in. Who hasn’t been there? Plus, I was so happy when she got Ryan’s kid in the last episode. Legality aside, we all knew she would've genuinely loved and cared for that baby."


    12. Pam should've left Jim and gotten together with Brian the boom mic guy.


    "Pam and Brian should’ve ended up together. You can tell that Brian actually cared about Pam after spending the past 10 years with her. He didn't only care about himself like Jim did."


    13. The best seasons of The Office are the ones without Michael.


    "The best seasons of The Office are actually the ones after Michael is gone. When I rewatch The Office I only watch the seasons when he's not there."


    14. Kelly and Andy should've started dating.


    "I actually thought Kelly and Andy would’ve made a hilarious couple. They were both self-absorbed and over-the-top, but they would’ve complemented each other nicely."


    15. Erin was a boring character.


    "Erin was a horrible character. She literally served no purpose, especially after she and Andy broke up. She tried to be like Kelly but lacked the substance."


    16. Dwight and Angela were the show's best couple.


    "Dwight and Angela were the best couple throughout the entire series. They cared about each other, even when they weren’t together. They were low-key, and didn’t make a huge deal out of everything, unlike Jim and Pam."


    17. Jan Levinson was the most relatable character on the show.


    "Although her arc did get a bit weirder as the show went on, during the first few seasons Jan was most relatable person at Dunder Mifflin. She was written as a very cold person, but imagine being in her place. She was working at a failing paper company and doing her best to deal with Michael Scott — who was constantly inappropriate — and the other branch managers. Michael made it completely impossible for her to do anything without being super firm and direct. And all the other branch managers called her a bitch because of it. Not to mention that on a personal level she was going through a divorce. Jan dealt with a lot of crappy situations with a lot more patience and grace than I would have."


    18. Dwight should've kept dating Pam's cousin Isabel.


    "Dwight and Isabel should’ve ended up together! Don’t get me wrong I like Angela and Dwight, but they were so up and down and I didn’t see their real love. Isabel was exactly everything Dwight was looking for."


    19. Pam and Jim should've just stayed friends.


    "Pam should have stayed with Roy and Jim with Karen. They were amazing as friends but their vibe became cringey after they got married. They lost all the chemistry they had."


    20. Dwight was actually "the good guy."


    "Although he was portrayed as annoying or unlikable, Dwight really was the good guy. He supported Michael and his friends whenever they needed it. He also always arranged plans that were meant to benefit his coworkers. He never thought twice about himself. I was so glad when he was promoted to office manager and then married Angela. Dwight got everything he deserved in the end."


    21. And lastly, Michael deserved someone better than Holly.


    "Holly was an awful character and Michael deserved better.

    She wasn't funny or interesting, and it was so obvious that Michael loved her more than she loved him."


    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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