Literally Just 27 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets You Never Knew About The "Twilight" Movies

    Taylor Lautner was almost recast for New Moon.

    1. Henry Cavill was actually Stephenie Meyer's first choice to play Edward Cullen, but when it was finally time to cast the film, Henry was too old to be Edward.

    2. Jennifer Lawrence auditioned for the role of Bella Swan.

    3. For The Twilight Saga: New Moon, the director required actors auditioning for the wolf pack to bring documentation that proved their Native American heritage.

    4. Rob and Kristen did their first chemistry read on director Catherine Hardwicke's bed.

    5. In the movie, a majority of the cast wore colored contacts, including Kristen Stewart, who wore brown contacts so her eyes would match the description in the books.

    6. Nikki Reed wore a wig in the sequels because her hair started to fall out from the extreme bleaching she did for Twilight.

    7. Kristen had to wear a wig for Breaking Dawn: Part 1 because she cut her hair for The Runaways, another movie she was doing.

    8. Rob also wore a wig for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 reshoots because he shaved his head.

    9. Vanessa Hudgens actually auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater, but the role ended up going to Julia Jones.

    10. Drew Barrymore was actually in talks to direct Eclipse, but the job ended up going to David Slade instead.

    11. Robert Pattinson didn't have a driver's license before filming and he learned to drive for the movie.

    12. To keep Bella's wedding dress a secret from the public, Kristen had to wear a Volturi cape over the dress whenever filming had paused.

    13. Breaking Dawn: Part 1 was originally rated R because Bella and Edward's sex scene showed a lot of Rob's butt.

    14. Taylor Lautner was almost recast for New Moon. Studio execs wanted to cast Michael Copon and they prematurely stated that he'd play the "new Jacob."

    15. Rob almost tore a muscle in his butt cheek during a fight scene on his first day filming Twilight.

    16. Lucy Hale also auditioned for the role of Jane, but Dakota Fanning ultimately got the part.

    17. Taylor Lautner actually wore lifts in his shoes so he would appear a lot taller than Kristen Stewart.

    18. The ballet studio scene at the end of Twilight was actually the first scene they shot from the entire series.

    19. New Moon director Chris Weitz instructed Kristen to put weights in her pockets to make her sink during the drowning scene, but Kristen wasn't comfortable with that. In an effort to calm her nerves, Weitz tried it himself. After realizing how terrifying it was, he scrapped the idea.

    20. The cast and crew kept a swear jar on set and they had to add money to it whenever they swore in front of Mackenzie Foy.

    21. When Twilight first debuted in 2008, it was actually the biggest opening weekend for a film directed by a woman.

    22. During shooting for New Moon, Rob would have to get a haircut once a week and have it restyled twice a day to keep it perfectly ~tousled~.

    23. Rob composed some music for Twilight entirely by himself, and his songs "Never Think" and "Let Me Sign" were included on the movie's soundtrack.

    24. Michael Sheen revealed that he actually didn't know anything about Twilight before accepting the role of Aro. He did it because his daughter was a huge fan of the series.

    25. Taylor said that the hardest part about getting buff to play Jacob was the amount of food he had to eat while working out. He had to eat at least 4,000 calories a day and would often have his trainer bringing him snacks in between takes.

    26. My Chemical Romance actually turned down the opportunity to write a song for New Moon because MCR's lead singer, Gerard Way, didn't think their music would fit a vampire movie.

    27. And finally, Rob almost got fired because studio execs thought he played Edward too serious and intense.


    An earlier version of this post stated that Robert Pattinson composed "Bella's Lullaby," but the song was actually composed by Carter Burwell. Sorry Twihards!