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    Here Are 21 Regular People Who Knew Celebrities Before They Became Famous And Should Totally Brag About It

    "My dad ended up being the best man in Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly's wedding."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community if they knew any celebs before they were famous, and the responses are honestly pretty amazing. Here's what they said:

    Note: Not all responses are from Community users.

    1. This great-grandma who played footsie with Neil Armstrong:

    "My great-grandparents were very close with Neil Armstrong because my great-grandfather worked at NASA with him. My great-grandmother told me she specifically remembers playing footsie with him under the table at dinner one night. I just wish my great-grandpa hadn’t died when I was so young and that he could’ve introduced me!"


    2. This grandma who was pretty good pals with Stevie Wonder:

    "My grandma and her siblings hung out with Stevie Wonder. They all used to sit and listen to the Temptations rehearse in Detroit."


    3. This aunt who dated Jimmy Fallon way before his days on The Tonight Show:

    @Dory my aunt dated Jimmy Fallon

    4. These siblings who were babysat by Liam Neeson before he was ~Liam Neeson~:

    "My grandfather was a stage actor in the '70s, and Liam Neeson was one of his colleagues. Liam used to babysit my dad and his sisters sometimes when my grandpa was out."


    5. This person whose neighbors were Amber Heard, Tasya van Ree, and their dog:

    "Amber Heard lived in our building with her girlfriend Tasya van Ree. Tasya did NOT like me and my younger brother, but Amber was always really friendly. She even babysat us a few times. Amber also had this tiny dog named Pistol, who used to chase me down the block."


    6. This sister who dated Jared Padalecki in high school, when Gilmore Girls was still only a fun TV show idea:

    @faiitthh33 Same, my sister dated Jared Padalecki in high school. Straight fumbled the bag 😢

    7. This dad who was the best man at Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly's wedding:

    "My parents were really good friends with Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly, and my dad ended up being the best man in Tonya and Jeff's wedding."


    8. This mom who dated Adam Sandler in high school:

    Hey @Jaclynhill my mom dated @AdamSandler in high school #nbd

    9. This mom who used to be Nelly's manager:

    "My mom used to work with Nelly and his mom at McDonald's when he was a teenager. She was a shift manager and has so many hilarious and embarrassing stories about him."


    10. This mom who used to babysit a young Kenny G:

    "My mom used to babysit Kenny G! She said he liked to run around naked."


    11. This mom who dated Blake Shelton before his team won any seasons of The Voice:

    My mom had a thing with @blakeshelton a long time ago while my aunt dated his bass player & she found a picture😂😂

    12. This mom who went to sleepaway camp with Punky Brewster herself:

    "In the '80s, my mom was Soleil Moon Frye’s sleepaway camp counselor. Camp Cottontail was the name. My mom would French-braid her hair and said she was the sweetest little girl."


    13. This dad who gave a ride to a stranger who just happened to be Bob Dylan:

    "When my dad lived in California, he'd given a ride to a hitchhiker...and that hitchhiker turned out to be Bob Dylan."


    14. This mom who went to high school with a kazoo-playing Tom Hanks:

    "My mom was a year behind Tom Hanks in high school. He was in the kazoo marching band and he also drove her home from the library once."


    15. This sister who used to date Usher in high school:

    I'm dead my sis use to date usher in high school and she just now telling me this smh

    16. This grandmother who was once engaged to Warren Beatty:

    "My grandmother was engaged to Warren Beatty in college. There are letters she wrote to her friend where she called Warren 'pushy.' Turns out she dumped him for my grandfather."


    17. This mom who dated Philip Seymour Hoffman:

    "My mom dated the late Philip Seymour Hoffman when she was younger. She wasn't a huge fan of him, let me say. But she was attracted to his voice!"


    18. This aunt who used to date Tupac a verrrrry long time ago:

    @khiahhhhh_ / Twitter / Via Twitter: @khiahhhhh_

    19. This dad who went to Six Flags "all the time" with Christina Applegate:

    "My dad knew Christina Applegate back in high school. She dated one of my dad's best friends. They used to go to Six Flags all the time together."


    20. This mom who taught a fourth-grade Adam Driver:

    "My mom was Adam Driver's fourth-grade teacher. The first time she realized he 'made it' as an actor was when we were watching Girls. She immediately had to turn off the show during his sex scenes."


    21. And this aunt who dated Ashton Kutcher before Mila Kunis ever laid eyes on him:

    @peterson_molly / Twitter / Via Twitter: @peterson_molly

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Did YOU know or date a famous person before they were famous? Tell us your story and upload your pics in the comments below!

    Note: Obviously we can't confirm that these stories are 100% true, but let's enjoy them anyway!

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