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Updated on Sep 10, 2019. Posted on Sep 10, 2019

Were You Friends With A Celebrity Before They Were Famous?

We're VERY intrigued.

As a person who LOVES celebrities, I'm always super curious to find out what they were like when they were just "regular" people.

Which is why I'm asking about which famous people YOU knew, before they got their big break.

My mom had a thing with @blakeshelton a long time ago while my aunt dated his bass player & she found a picture😂😂

Maybe your mom dated Adam Sandler and they almost got married before she finally met your father.

Hey @Jaclynhill my mom dated @AdamSandler in high school #nbd

Or maybe you were in a school play with Ariana Grande and she was actually the funniest person in the entire cast.

Maybe you and Usher were SUUUUPER close in high school and he always came over for Sunday night dinners with your family.

I'm dead my sis use to date usher in high school and she just now telling me this smh

So whoever it is, I REALLY wanna hear about it. In the drop box below, share your stories about which celebrity you knew before they were famous — and don't forget to share pics if you have them! The best ones will be included in a BuzzFeed Community post.