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19 Regular People Who Dated Celebs Before They Were Famous

Why would you break up with Tina Fey?!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community if they've ever dated a celeb before they were famous. Here are the super-interesting responses.

Note: Not all responses are from Community users.

1. This guy who dated Ariana Grande:

2. This teacher who really blew it with Tina Fey:

"The theater director at my high school dated Tina Fey and broke up with her. She wrote about him in her book as the only man to truly break her heart."


3. This aunt who was married to George Foreman:

"My aunt was married to George Foreman and is the mother to one of his sons. Now, every time he's on TV, my mom says, 'There's your uncle,' despite the fact that they've been divorced longer than I've been alive."


4. This teacher who dated Bill Nye the Science Guy:

"A teacher at my school used to date Bill Nye. Rumor is she refuses to discuss it."


5. This dad who dated Hillary Clinton:

"My dad went on a few dates with Hillary Clinton. They went to the same high school (Maine East). He said that she was really nice but also super focused on studying."


6. This mother who was hit on by Bruce Springsteen:

"Right before he became famous, back when he was still recording in Asbury Park, Bruce Springsteen saw my mother at the end of the bar at The Stone Pony and was clearly smitten. He immediately had the bartender send her a drink from him. She said she looked him up and down, having utterly NO idea who he was, and described him as 'this scruffy-looking, long-haired hood with a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve.' My siblings and I still haven't forgiven her for rejecting The Boss."


7. This sister who used to date Usher:

8. This cousin who dated Madonna:

"My mom's cousin dated Madonna before she was famous. She came over to my mom's house and had Thanksgiving dinner with them."


9. This friend who dated two New Kids on the Block guys:

"A friend of mine dated Jordan and Joey from NKOTB... Sadly not at the same time, though."


10. This aunt who used to date Jay Z:

11. This great-aunt who was a roadie for Willie Nelson:

"My great-aunt was a roadie with Willie Nelson, and they might have had a thing together. No one has ever gotten a straight answer out of her."


12. This mom who dated George Clooney:

"My mom dated George Clooney for 'like a week,' so I guess that's cool."


13. This dad who dated Tisha Campbell-Martin:

14. This mom who got hit on by Michael Jordan:

"A classmate of mine's mother got hit on by Michael Jordan. She apparently didn't know who he was, but the next night, her husband persuaded her to watch the game with her, and she saw Michael Jordan on the screen..."


15. This friend who dated David Henrie:

"My sister's friend dated David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place before he became famous."


16. This aunt who had a thing with Tupac:

17. This person's first kiss with a Power Ranger:

"The first boy I ever kissed — this was back in 1986 — went on to become the first Red Ranger, Austin St. John, of Mighty Morphin fame."


18. This friend who was asked out by Jon Hamm:

"Years ago my mom's friend was in a bar, and Jon Hamm asked her out on a date. She declined because she already had a boyfriend."


19. And this uncle who dated Beyoncé:

Note: Obviously we can't confirm that all of these stories are 100% true, but just have fun with it! Thanks!

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