"There's A Lot Of Things That I've Said, Jokes That I've Made, That I Would Take Back": Matty Healy Addressed His Recent Controversies Onstage

    "Some stuff I got right, and some stuff I got wrong."

    If you're online in any capacity, I'm sure by now you know who Matty Healy is.

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    This past weekend, while The 1975 was headlining a show at Finsbury Park in London, he indirectly addressed his recent controversies.

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    "I’m not someone who takes things for granted. The 1975 isn’t a dry band. There’s a lot of irony in it. I was always trying stuff, and some stuff I got right, and some stuff I got wrong," he said. "But you know what, there's a lot of things that I've said, jokes that I've made, that I would take back. You know what, there's probably a couple of fucking songs that I'd take back if I had the choice."

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    "What I mean is that I really am only doing this because I want to make you guys laugh and feel good," he added. "That’s what my favorite art does, and that’s what I’m trying to do."

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    He ended off by saying, "I get a bit excited. And, you know what, I’m fucking proud of myself.”

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    The speech comes months after online backlash from his appearance The Adam Friedland Show in February, where he participated in several racist and misogynistic jokes. The podcast episode has since been deleted from Apple and Spotify because of its content.

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    This isn't the first time Matty has alluded to the controversy either. In April, during The 1975's Auckland show, he publicly apologized to Ice Spice for the racist remarks made during the podcast appearance. “I just feel a bit bad, and I’m kind of a bit sorry if I’ve offended you. Ice Spice, I’m sorry,” he said. “It’s not because I’m annoyed that me joking got misconstrued. It’s because I don’t want Ice Spice to think I’m a dick. I love you, Ice Spice. I’m so sorry."

    Also, in June, he referenced the online hate while responding to a fan at The 1975's show in Vienna. "The front had some very beautiful signs that said, 'You are loved,'" he said in a fan video from the event. "That was very, very kind of you. I'm sure it's alluding to..."

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    Matty's online criticism resurfaced shortly after the news broke that he was reportedly dating Taylor Swift back in May. However, they have since broken up.

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    Watch the full video of Matty's speech here.