"I’m Not Very Online At The Moment": Matty Healy Alluded To Allll The Drama At A 1975 Gig This Week

    “I’ve not been online, but what I have been with is my boys."

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    Matty Healy appeared to address recent online backlash at a 1975 show in Vienna earlier this week.

    Matt Healy wears a suit as he stands for a picture at a red carpet event

    Much of the online criticism leveled at Matty in recent weeks stems from an appearance on The Adam Friedland Show in February, where he participated in a number of racist and misogynistic jokes. The episode has since been removed from Apple and Spotify.

    Matt Healy singing onstage as he points to the crowd

    The criticism resurfaced amid Matty's reported relationship with Taylor Swift. News emerged that the couple had parted ways after around a month together on Monday — the same day that the gig happened.

    Taylor and Matt walking out of a building together as they're surrounded by paparazzi
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    "The front had some very beautiful signs that said, 'You are loved,'" a fan video from the event shows. "That was very, very kind of you. I'm sure it's alluding to..." he trails off.

    "As you’re aware, I’m not very online at the moment and I’m sure people have just been calling me a cunt relentlessly,” he continued.

    “I’ve not been online, but what I have been with is my boys. And honestly, as much as I appreciate that, it’s so beautiful, and I thank you. But I don’t need it, because I’ve got them.”

    Other news of Matty's on-stage antics have hit post-split, such as his swigging of a hip flask at the same show. However, the hip flask bit has been a part of the onstage show for months now (and also features a bottle of wine). As Matty said at a 1975 gig last month: "Is it all a bit? Is it sincere? Will he ever address it? All of these questions and more will be ignored in the next hour."

    Matt holding a bottle of wine during a performance in which his wearing what looks like a lab coat and a name tag

    You can read more about Matty and Taylor's reported split here.

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