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    The "Love, Victor" Cast All Agree That George Sear Does Perfect Impressions Of Them, And I Can't Stop Watching

    I genuinely couldn't love them any more than I do after this.

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    Last week, Season 2 of Love, Victor finally dropped on Hulu and lemme just say it was well worth the wait.

    And to celebrate, we invited Michael Cimino, George Sear, Isabella Ferreira, Rachel Hilson, Mason Gooding, Bebe Wood, and Anthony Turpel to play an exciting game of Who's Who!


    Just in case you needed any more reasons to freaking adore this cast, I give you this video:

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    BuzzFeed Celeb

    So, who's the least like their Love, Victor character?

    BuzzFeed Celeb

    Who's most likely to throw a raging house party?

    BuzzFeed Celeb

    Who's most likely to accidentally like an old picture on their crush’s Instagram?

    BuzzFeed Celeb

    And who's the best at doing impressions of the other cast members?

    BuzzFeed Celeb

    Be sure to watch Season 2 of Love, Victor streaming on Hulu now!

    Patrick Wymore / HULU

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