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Sorry, Only "Grey's Anatomy" Superfans Are Allowed To Take These 19 Quizzes

It's a beautiful day to save lives (and take a bunch of quizzes).

ATTENTION, BUZZFEEDERS: This is not a quiz. This is a collection of our very best quizzes for all of those Grey's Anatomy stans out there — all in one place for your quiz-taking pleasure. All I ask is that you make Meredith proud.


🚨And keep in mind there are MASSIVE spoilers ahead.🚨

1. This "Grey's Anatomy" A–Z Quiz Will Reveal Which Original Intern You Are


First and foremost, we need to find out which original intern you are. It just makes sense. Take the quiz here.

2. Which Incredibly Tragic "Grey's Anatomy" Patient Are You?


Relationships should be 50/50, you need to know which intern and which tragic patient you are. Take the quiz here.

3. How Many Of These 36 "Grey's Anatomy" Characters Can You Actually Identify?


Your entire binge-watching career has been building up to this exact moment. Take the quiz here.

4. Here Are The Hardest "Grey's Anatomy" Questions From Each Season — Can You Get All 16 Correct?

You didn't cry and cry over this show for nothing! Use that big ol' noggin. Take the quiz now.

5. Describe Yourself And We'll Reveal What Kind Of Surgeon You'd Be On "Grey's Anatomy"


C'mon, it's not like you haven't thought about this a million times. Take the quiz here.

7. This Food Quiz Will Reveal Which Popular "Grey's Anatomy" Character You Are

Getty Images / ABC

Food and Grey's? Count me in. Take the quiz here.

8. If You Get 10/12 On This Quiz, You Can Officially Call Yourself A "Grey's Anatomy" Expert


"Grey's Anatomy Expert" is a title you need to uphold. Take the quiz here.

10. You Can Only Pick One "Grey's Anatomy" Moment Per Season And Sorry, It's Pretty Hard


Not to be dramatic, but this actually is harder than you think! Take the quiz here.

11. Simply Agree Or Disagree With These "Grey's Anatomy" Statements To Find Out Which Original Intern You Are


Here's when you find out all your "unpopular" opinions are actually pretty popular. Take the quiz here.

12. Everyone Is A "Grey's Anatomy" Song — Here's Yours


I bet you're already humming "How to Save a Life." Take the quiz here.

14. Here Are 14 Famous Celebs — Do You Know If They Were On "Grey's Anatomy"?

Theo Wargo / Mike Coppola / Getty Images

Was Millie Bobby Brown really on Grey's? Take the quiz here.

15. Only A True "Grey's Anatomy" Fan Can Finish 8/10 Of These Iconic Quotes


Oh c'mon, don't pretend like you don't have these lines memorized. Take the quiz here.

16. Everyone Belongs With One "Grey's Anatomy" Hunk — Who's Your Soulmate?

ABC / BuzzFeed

*Prays for McDreamy and/or McSteamy.* Take the quiz here.

17. Which "Grey's Anatomy" Song And Character Are You A Perfect Combo Of?

Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed /

I mean, I can't find a reason for you not to take this. Take the quiz here.

18. Here Are The Hardest "Grey's Anatomy" Questions About Cristina Yang — Can You Get A Perfect Score?

Only the utmost respect for the best fictional cardiothoracic surgeon. Take the quiz here.

19. Which Three Female Characters From "Grey's Anatomy," 'Scandal," And "How To Get Away With Murder" Are You A Combo Of?


Finally, it's time to take the quiz you've all been waiting for. Take the quiz here.