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    17 Times TV Used "Flashback Bangs" To Try And Fool Us Into Believing Time Had Gone By

    Do not let this post trick you into thinking you should be spontaneous and cut yourself some bangs.

    1. On How I Met Your Father, when Sophie proved that it was her college self who actually made curtain bangs cool again.

    present day character with no bangs and flashback showing her with curtain bangs

    2. On One Tree Hill, when Peyton's flashback bangs didn't even match her hair color...and not in a fun way.

    the flashback bangs are a completely different color

    3. On You, when Love showed us that even serial killers have their bangs moments.

    flashback character has bangs

    4. Also on You, when Sherry realized that after surviving an abduction, she could also survive some blunt bangs, too.

    present day with no bangs and flashforward character with bangs

    5. On Mythic Quest, when Poppy rocked these super thick bangs during her college days.

    same glasses but flashback she has bangs

    6. On Suits, when Donna proved that even the best of us had a weird side-bang era.

    closeup of her bangs parted to the side

    7. On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when we found out Amy had this fuck ass bob when she started working at the precinct.

    flashback version has a short bob and blunt bangs

    8. On Firefly Lane, when Kate rocked the suuuuper straight hair in her '90s flashback.

    closeup of her in the flashback with thin bangs

    9. On Scandal, when even Olivia proved you need to have a good set of bangs before becoming a gladiator.

    her in the flashback with thick blunt bangs

    10. On Shrill, when college Annie had an affinity for being kinda awkward but also for having thick, blunt bangs.

    closeup of her with blunt bangs cut above her eyebrows

    11. On Ghosts, when Sam's flashback wasn't awkward enough with just side bangs, so they had to add a beret, too.

    present day character has curly hair and in the flashback she has straight hair with side bangs and a beret

    12. On Grey's Anatomy, when the writers went rogue in an alternate reality and gave Cristina this heinous excuse for bangs.

    in the alt reality she has straight hair and blunt bangs

    13. On The Bold Type, when Jane proved that literally everyone has to start out as that intern with bangs before their career can soar.

    her hair is in a top bun and she has bangs

    14. On Tiny Beautiful Things, when young Clare didn't already have bangs so they gave the flashback's flashback bangs.

    side swooped bangs

    15. On Friends, when teenage Rachel rocked her best teased '80s fringe.

    rachel in the flashback has poofy hair and teased out curled bangs

    16. On Love Life, when Darby had to struggle through her awkward bangs era before evolving into her fashion-forward middle part era.

    closeup of her with bangs

    17. And finally, on Bob's Burgers, when Linda proved that even cartoons can have questionable hairdos!!!

    closeup of her with choppy bangs

    What are your favorite flashback bangs moments? Let us know in the comments!