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21 TV Moments That Are So Embarrassing, People Are Still Cringing Over Them

I wish I could unsee all of it.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community which TV moments were truly the most embarrassing things they've ever seen, and the cringe is *very* real. Here's what they said:

1. On Glee, when Finn sang "You're Having My Baby" to Quinn in front of her parents, and then it ended up not even being his baby.

2. Also on Glee, when the New Directions performed "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa in front of the entire school.

3. On The Secret Life of the American Teenager, when Amy told Ben she's a whore, and he tried to comfort her by saying "You're my whore."

4. On Never Have I Ever, when a super-drunk Devi believed her dad's spirit was inside a coyote and got attacked by one in front of her crush at a party.

5. On Riverdale, whenever Cheryl hung out/dressed/spoke to Jason's corpse.

6. Also on Riverdale, when Betty did a striptease in front of a bunch of adults and sang "Mad World."

7. On Love Life, when Darby got super drunk at her boyfriend's dad's funeral and gave the most inappropriate speech she could possibly give.

8. On Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, when Zoey's superpower glitched so she started singing everything she was feeling, which led to her belting "Pressure" by Billy Joel during a *very* important meeting with her CEO.

9. On Get Even, when Margot's diary was read out loud in front of the whole cafeteria, but the bullies' lame jokes made them look like bigger fools than Margot ever was.

10. On Gossip Girl, when Dan, Vanessa, and Olivia had the most awkward threesome ever.

11. On American Horror Story: Asylum, when Sister Jude started singing "The Name Game."

12. On Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, when Rebecca performed a pole dance because she wanted her friends to pay attention to her.

13. On Grey's Anatomy, when everyone broke into song during surgery.

14. On Sex Education, when Jean caught Otis masturbating in the car in a very open parking lot.

15. On Friends, when Ross had a crush on his cousin and tried to make a move on her.

16. On Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, when "Stars Hollow: The Musical" tried to pay tribute to Hamilton, and the scene felt never-ending.

17. On Empire, when Cookie said this line that was supposed to be totally badass but ended up sounded super awk.

18. On Breaking Bad, when Skylar performed "Happy Birthday, Mr. President" for her boss and ~lover~ in front of all their coworkers.

19. On 13 Reasons Why, when Clay was trying to escape the hospital and he shit the bed so the nurse would take off the restraints.

20. On The Office, when Michael had to tell Scott's Tots that he actually wasn't paying for any of their college tuition, after he promised to.

Michael Scott telling an entire classroom of high schoolers that he won't pay for their college tuition after he promised it to them 10 years prior.

21. And finally, on The Office, when Jan danced to Hunter's song and tried to get Jim to dance with her but he wouldn't, so she kept on dancing by herself.

Jan dancing very sensually and everyone else sitting there uncomfortably.