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    33 TV Lines That Are So Heartbreaking, They Might Be The Saddest Of All Time

    "Can you hug me as I go?"

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what the saddest TV lines of all time are. Here are some of the best responses:

    There are massive spoilers ahead!

    1. First, on The Good Place, when Chidi is about to have his memory wiped and he says goodbye to Eleanor.

    Chidi telling Eleanor, "Time means nothing. Jeremy Bearimy, baby. We'll just get through this, and then you and I can chill out in the dot of the 'i' forever"

    “The montage with Chidi and Eleanor where we see all the times they fell in love throughout the reboots. That shit HURTS."


    2. On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, when Buffy finds Joyce's body on the couch.

    Buffy saying, "Mom? Mom? Mommy?"
    Warner Bros.

    "The transition from 'Mom?' to 'Mommy?' breaks my heart each time."


    3. On Parenthood, when Max is upset that all of the kids on his field trip made fun of him and one of them peed in his canteen.

    Max telling Kristina and Adam, ""Why do all the other kids hate me? Is it because I'm weird. If I'm smart and hilarious, then why do they hate me?"

    "That scene is heartbreaking. Just remembering it makes me wanna cry."


    4. On The Umbrella Academy, when Ben asks Vanya to be with him before he disappears.

    Ben asking Vanya, "Can you hug me as I go? It's been a long time since—"

    "The whole scene makes me cry, but this line just breaks my heart every time."


    5. On Sons of Anarchy, when Opie accepts his fate after being left alone to fight Pope's men in the box.

    Opie telling Jax, "I got this"

    "When he said it, we all knew what 'this' meant, and it was just devastating. It was so heartbreaking too, because at this point he’d given up everything for the club and had nothing more to give but his life, which he deemed pretty much over."


    6. On Grey's Anatomy, when Meredith let Derek go before he died.


    "When Meredith calls Derek's name a couple of times hoping that he would wake up, but he sadly doesn't. It was heartbreaking."


    7. On WandaVision, when Vision gives a speech about grief to Wanda while she's mourning Pietro.

    Vision telling Wanda, "But what is grief, if not love persevering?"
    Marvel / Disney+

    Suggested by: anitar411db647a

    8. Also on WandaVision, when Wanda can't feel Vision anymore.

    Wanda using her magic on Vision and repeating, "I can't feel you"
    Marvel / Disney+

    "This was so emotional and a great callback to Vision's line in Infinity War. It was also really well acted by Elizabeth Olsen."


    9. On The Walking Dead, when Glenn utters his last words to Maggie.

    Glenn saying, "Maggie, I'll find you," while Maggie weeps

    "I cried SO hard."


    10. On The Haunting of Hill House, when Nell talks to the rest of the Crain siblings in the Red Room.

    Nell saying, "I loved you completely. And you loved me the same. That's all. The rest is confetti"

    "'I loved you completely' kills me every single time. It's so fitting. I have three sisters and a brother, so making sure they know that I love them is definitely something I would want to do in that situation."


    11. On Supernatural, when Dean says goodbye to Sam right before he dies during the series finale.

    Sam telling Dean, "'s okay. You can go now" and Dean saying, "Bye, Sam"
    The CW

    Suggested by: mpar0808

    12. On One Tree Hill, when Keith talks to Jimmy in the school hallway right before they both die.

    Jimmy telling Keith, "I wanted them to leave me alone. I wanted them to like me," and Keith assuring Jimmy that it's going to be okay
    The CW

    "The whole Jimmy Edwards death scene in One Tree Hill makes me cry every single time, and there are so many lines from it that get me. But, hands down, the most heartwrenching line is when Jimmy says, 'It hurts. It always hurts,' while he beats his chest. It's such a simple line, but the actor performed this scene incredibly."


    13. On Doctor Who, when the Tenth Doctor is about to regenerate, but he's not ready.

    The Tenth Doctor standing inside the TARDIS and saying, "I don't want to go"
    BBC America

    "This still makes me sob after all this time."


    14. On Fleabag, when the Priest tells Fleabag to move on after she says, "I love you."

    The Priest saying, "It'll pass" to Fleabag
    Amazon Prime Video

    "Honestly, Season 2 of Fleabag is an absolute masterpiece, and I cannot recommend it enough."


    15. On The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, when Will breaks down over his dad leaving again.

    Will asking Uncle Phil, "How come he don't want me, man?"

    "I only just saw this Fresh Prince episode, and it just dropped me."


    16. On The Haunting of Bly Manor, when Jamie tries to reach Dani at the bottom of the lake, and the narrator explains why Dani won't let her.

    Jamie trying to swim down to Dani and the narrator saying, "But the lady in the lake was different now. The lady in the lake was also Dani. And Dani wouldn't. Dani would never"

    "The entirety of the narrator's voiceover when Jamie found Dani's body in the lake is heartbreaking. Dani refusing to drag Jamie down with her shows how their love completely differed from Peter and Rebecca's relationship. Dani sacrificed herself to keep Jamie safe and refused to condemn her to the same fate. A tragedy fully exemplified by the words said by the narrator."


    17. On BoJack Horseman, when BoJack is talking to Sarah Lynn in the planetarium.

    BoJack saying that the only thing that "matters is right now" and the moment he's sharing with Sarah Lynn

    Suggested by: lanarama

    18. On Scrubs, when J.D. asks Dr. Cox where he thinks they are while attending Ben's funeral.

    JD saying, "Where do you think we are?"

    "I was not prepared for the episode to end like that, and even though I know what is coming, Dr. Cox's expression when he realizes breaks me every time. This show had no right being so funny and so heartbreaking."


    19. On Game of Thrones, when Robb calls out for Catelyn before he's stabbed (again) at the Red Wedding.

    Robb saying, "Mother," while Catelyn cries

    "One word: 'Mother.' With one word, I lost it."


    20. On Glee, when Finn's mom says she's still a mother even though Finn is gone.

    Finn's mom saying, "You have to keep on being a parent, even though you don't get to have a child anymore"

    "Finn's mom talking about her grief over her son’s death is devastating. The line, the acting, and the fact that everyone was really grieving over Cory Monteith’s death was absolutely heartbreaking."


    21. On One Day at a Time, when Elena tells Alex what she really wanted to say at their dad's wedding, and how much it still hurts that their dad didn't accept her right away after she came out.

    Elena explaining, "The bigger person shouldn't have to be the kid"

    "Pretty much any time Elena is talking about her dad on One Day at a Time, but this one gets me. All of Elena's lines really hit home for me so that made them very emotional, and Isabella Gómez’s delivery of these lines is just perfect."


    22. On Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, when Zoey wonders what will happen after she can't hear her dad's heart songs anymore.

    Zoey dancing with her dad and saying, "But what do I do when I can't hear you sing anymore?"

    "I've sobbed every time I've watched this episode, and with that line is when the tears usually start. It just breaks me."


    23. On How I Met Your Mother, when Marshall finds out his dad suddenly died.

    Marshall hugging Lily and saying, 'I'm not ready for this"

    "I can be in the happiest mood, but if I watch this scene, I ALWAYS tear up. His reaction when Lily tells him and the delivery of that single line is heartbreaking."


    24. On Criminal Minds, when Hotch finds Jack hiding after Haley is murdered.

    Jack saying, "I work the case, Daddy. Just like you said"

    Suggested by: carolinelee7185

    25. On Stranger Things, when Eleven reads Hopper's letter and he reminds her to leave the door open.

    Eleven reading Hopper's letter, which says, "But, please, if you don't mind, for the sake of your poor old dad, keep the door open 3 inches"

    "The letter is so sad, but it ends with this one amazing and heartbreaking line."


    26. On Pose, when Candy, as a spirit, talks to her father at her funeral.

    Candy saying, "And having my daddy see gave me all the courage I needed to become who I am"

    "It really shows how impactful a parent's acceptance can be, especially for trans people. It also shows that Candy just wanted to be seen, admired, and loved. She deserved that, and she deserved to live."


    27. On Sorry for Your Loss, when Leigh visits Matt's school after his death and sees what he painted on the wall of things he wanted.

    Nina saying, "Does that say, 'Pickle?'" and Leigh starting to cry
    Facebook Watch

    "When Nina points out 'Pickle' on the wall and then Leigh sees it, I burst into tears. It doesn't even matter how many times I've seen the episode: I'm a wreck. After Matt wasn't sure he wanted a kid, he really wanted one with Leigh, and he even remembered the ridiculous name Leigh joked about naming their kid."


    28. On Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., when Fitz responds with this devastating line after Simmons tries to wake him up from the Framework.

    Fitz telling Jemma, "And you mean nothing to me"

    "I was absolutely heartbroken. That HURT so much."


    29. On Teen Wolf, when Scott can't take away Allison's pain after she's stabbed.

    Allison telling Scott, "It's because it doesn't hurt"

    Suggested by: aaronweeks101

    30. On The 100, when Monty records his final video message for Bellamy and Clarke, which they finally watch after they arrive at a new planet years after his death.

    Monty saying, "I hope your lives there will be as happy as mine has been. Be the good guys. May we meet again"
    The CW

    "When I tell you I sobbed like a baby!"


    31. On Outlander, when Claire wakes up and asks where Faith is, because she doesn't know she died.

    Claire repeating, "Where's my baby?"

    "Ugh, this is absolutely gut-wrenching."


    32. On Angel, when Illyria appears as Fred while Wesley is dying during the series finale.

    Illyria saying, "Would you like me to lie to you now?"
    Warner Bros.

    "It's been 17 years, and I'm crying just thinking about it."


    33. And finally, on Boy Meets World, when Mr. Feeny says goodbye one last time.

    Mr. Feeny saying, "I love you all. Class dismissed"

    Suggested by: kathleenanne13579

    We can't fit everything into one post, so tell us other heartbreaking TV quotes that you still think about in the comments below!

    Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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